Health Report #111325

Establishment Name: Cheese Dream
Report Date: 05/03/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Hot and cold holding N/A N/A N/A Cheddar cheese overstacked on top of prep unit at cart found at improper temperature. Potentially hazardous food shall maintain at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. Critical corrected: at time of inspection discarded overstacked sliced cheddar cheese found >41°F; top section of cheese found at 47°F - 48°F. Remaining food items on top of unit found <41°F. Please be mindful of food levels on top of prep unit. Use calibrated food thermometer to monitor temperatures throughout the day.
Normal Outer Openings, Protected N/A N/A N/A (1) rear door found propped open. Please close to prevent potential entry of insects. (2) no screen in front window. Please repair/replace screen for window to prevent potential entry of insects. Screen shall be 16 mesh to 1 inch and installed to be tight-fitting
Normal Kitchenware and Tableware N/A N/A N/A Single-service spoons at cart found stored improperly. Please store with handles facing employee to prevent potential contamination of the food-contact end
Normal Good Repair and Calibration N/A N/A N/A Please calibrate metal-stem thermometers on cart and monitor for accuracy. Pic familiar with ice bath method