Health Report #113706

Establishment Name: Loyal Order Of The Moose #1253 Ann Arbor
Report Date: 05/25/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Disposition N/A N/A N/A Opened container of milk found in the upright display cooler with a may 15 date for sell by. Product was unmarked with a consume by date. All potentially hazardous , ready to eat foods must be marked with a maximum consume by date not to exceed 7 days including the day the product is opened or prepared. On certain foods but not milk the date on the container may be the accepted use by date. Corrected by discussion and discarding the milk
Critical Handwashing Sinks, Number N/A N/A N/A There is a temporary smoker set up outside for cooking ribs and chicken as part of the moose fundraiser. This will occur 1x month throughout the summer. You must provide a portable handwash station with dispensing container for water, catch basin and soap and paper towels for proper handwashing in the cooking area. Corrected by setting up a portable handwash station at time of inspection
Normal Food Equipment, Certification N/A N/A N/A Assorted domestic equipment in the facility including microwaves, chest freezer, corck pots, roasters etc. Replace with commercial equipment when in need of repair.
Normal Hair Restraint Effectiveness N/A N/A N/A Food employees including both inside and outside food personnel were found not be wearing proper means of hair restraint. All food employees must wear proper means of hair restraint such as ball caps, hair nets etc. In the case of limited prep such as bartending only you may tie hair back, however when handling food or utensils hair must be properly restrained.