Health Report #113530

Establishment Name: Dynasty Buffet
Report Date: 07/23/2010
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Package Integrity N/A N/A N/A Found several dented and rusty cans on the ready to use storage room shelf. Pic corrected by discarding some dented cans, and placed the rest of the dented cans in the dented can section for return to supplier. Pic has been instructed to review with staff to check for dented cans when stocking, and before use.
Critical Sanitizers Sanitizer(s) cooking/preparation area bucket Do not comply with law Used a test kit and found the chlorine sanitizer in the sanitizing bucket in the cooking/prep area in the kitchen with low chlorine concentration. Used a test kit and found the chlorine sanitizer in the sanitizing buckets in the sushi bar area with low chlorine concentration. Pic corrected by adjusting chlorine sanitizing solutions to manufacturers specification (50 ppm minimum and 200 ppm maximum). Pic has been instructed to monitor and verify that staff are properly mixing sanitizing solutions.
Critical Time as a Public Health Contro Time controlled food(s) potentially hazardous food(s) before cooking sushi bar self service area Not clearly marked or identified with time control For time of 4 hours past removal of temperature control Found recently made sushi rice and sushi rolls on display for self service not identified to indicate that it is 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control. Pic corrected by having employee mark proper time on the time control log sheet for sushi rice/sushi rolls.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment wait station cabinet(s) In poor repair Found the shelves of the cabinets in the wait station areas water stained and worn. To correct repair/replace shelves.
Normal Clean Freq, Nonfood-Contact Su Nonfood contact surface(s) cooking/preparation area hood Soiled Found the edges of the cooking hood soiled with grease. Found the door gaskets and interior surfaces of cooler soiled. Found the floor of the walk in coolers and walk in freezer soiled with accumulation of debris. To correct clean as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures floors cooking/preparation area floor Soiled Found the floor (under equipment, edges, and corners) soiled with build up. To correct throughly clean floors and clean on a more frequent schedule.
Normal Food storage Food item(s) in storage walk in freezer floor Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor Found numerous cases of food on the floor of the walk in freezer. To correct store food on shelf at least 6 inches off the floor.
Normal Cleaning Freq.,Food Contact Su Food-contact surface(s) used for nonpotentially hazardous food(s) wait station pop machine Not cleaned Found slight accumulation in the pop nozzles of the pop machines in the wait stations. To correct throughly clean pop nozzles, and clean as needed.
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system Drain line(s) walk in cooler drain lines Not maintained Found the "meat" walk in cooler condensation drain leaking water , and a pan catching drips. To correct properly repair drain line of the walk in cooler.