Health Report #113371

Establishment Name: Marco's Pizza (Anga Llc)
Report Date: 09/06/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Preventing Contamination from Ready-to-eat food(s) N/A Handled with bare hands Observed an employee prepping lettuce for salads without single use gloves. Corrected by having the employee put on gloves for this task
Critical Hand Drying Provision Sanitary hand drying provisions disposable, paper towels N/A Not provided At hand sink Paper towel is not stocked at the back dishwashing/prep room hand washing sink. Always maintain paper towel at this station
Critical Handwashing Cleanser, Availabi Soap N/A Not provided At hand sink The back dishwashing/prep area hand washing sink does not have a soap dispenser. Provide and maintain soap at this hand washing sink.
Critical Sanitizers, Criteria Sanitizer(s) N/A Do not comply with law Observed a small amount of a bleach solution in a spray bottle used for sanitizing food contact surfaces that was mixed way too strong or not diluted at all. This solution bleached the color out of the test paper. Corrected by diluting the solution to 175 ppm
Critical Common Name Working containers-toxics N/A Not labeled as to content Observed a spray bottle labeled oven cleaner that actually contained blue glass cleaner. Corrected by removing the glass cleaner from the bottle. Ensure employees are careful when filling/re-filling chemical spray bottles that the correct chemical is added to a pre-labeled bottle and/or a proper label is applied to a new bottle when adding the chemical
Normal Certification of managerial em N/A N/A N/A Currently no full-time manager (30 hours per week minimum) has a manager level food safety certification. Within three months a manager must obtain this certification
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment N/A In poor repair The door gasket for the upper dough cooler door is torn/missing. Provide a replacement gasket for this unit