Health Report #112928

Establishment Name: Pita Pit
Report Date: 09/20/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Date Markin In house prepared ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food(s) cooking/preparation area walk-in cooler Without date of consumption marking Food containers are being marked with preparation date. However employee in charge did not know 7 day maximum use by date or that pita pit coporate policy is 5 days on most items. Mgr. In charge thought 10 days use by date was policy. Employees must know policies. Date marking system should be changed to an end date system to avoid confusion in discard dates. ,
Critical Working containers, Common Nam Working containers-toxics cooking/preparation area Not labeled as to content 2 spray bottles labelled window cleaner with clear liquid and therefore not labeled as to contents. Corrected at time of inspection by changing cleaner to correct item
Critical Responsibility of Person in Ch Person-in-charge N/A Fail to require employees to report illness as rule requires Employee did not remember being talked to or forms used when they were hired to go over employee illness & when they cannot work when ill. There are specific illnesses & symptoms that are required to be discussed when a person is hired. I will bring specific info back for reference. ,
Critical Hot and cold holding Cold food item(s) cooler(make-line) Stored above 41 degrees F Several containers of grated cheese and crumbled cheese such as feta cheese/blue cheese were 42 to 45 degrees f. On top layer of cheese. Temp. Toward middle & bottom of container on prep line refrigerator were below 41 degreees f. Cold temps must be below 41 degrees f. To prevent bacterial growth of organisms. The containers of cheese should only be filled about 1/2┬░Full to help maintain proper temps. Of the food items when in prep refrigerator. Corrected at time of insp. By changing out containers with less product
Critical Cleaning Procedure N/A N/A N/A All 3 paper towel dipensers (1 in kitchen & 2 at front service line) are empty. Keep towels stocked for refilling. Use of a paper towel is critical in the overall process of washing hands
Critical Storage, Separation Poisonous/toxic material(s) cooking/preparation area Not separated from Cans of stainless steel spray is stored next to boxes of single service gloves. Do not store chemicals next to or above food items to prevent crosscontamination. Correct at time of inspection by relocating single use gloves
Critical System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system Drain line(s) Soda dispensing machine Not maintained The drain line from ice machine & ice binat the pop dispenser have an air break & are into drain under unit. These items are required to have a physical spearation between the bottom of the drain line & top of drain they drain into. Raise lines to provide air gap.
Normal In-Use Utensils/Between-Storag N/A rear prep area N/A Lids from refrigerated prep unit are being stored on floor when taken off of unit. Since those lids go back over food they must be stored in a clean location when not on top of unit
Normal Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation Wiping cloth(s) cooking area Not completely submerged in sanitizing solution Wiping cloth at grill stored directly on counter. Wiping cloth must be stored in container of sanitizer between uses