Health Report #111996

Establishment Name: Blue Nile
Report Date: 04/23/2015
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Handwashing Cleanser, Availabi Soap at handsink restroom, employee handsink Not provided Observed no soap at handsink in managers restroom. All handsinks must be suppled with soap and paper towels at all times for proper employee handwashing. Pic corrected by providing soap at handsink at time of inspection. Violation corrected
Normal Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation Wiping cloth(s) wet N/A Stored on Counter Observed wet wiping cloth stored on edge of bar. After use, all wiping cloths must be stored completely submerged in wiping cloth bucket to help prevent the accumulation of bacteria on wiping cloths
Normal Cooking and Baking Equipment Microwave oven door seals and cavities cooking area microwave Not cleaned Through out the day as necessary Observed interior of microwave oven in cooking area with an accumulation of sticky food debris (microwave not cleaned from last night). To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule
Normal Drying Mops Wet mop(s) storage dishwashing area Improperly dried Observed wet mop stored in empty mop bucket in dishwashing area. All mops must be hung up after use to allow for proper air drying