Health Report #111753

Establishment Name: Grizzly Peak Brewing Co.
Report Date: 09/21/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Controlling Pests N/A N/A N/A Flies present in several areas. The presence of insects shall be controlled to minimize their presence. Not corrected. Pic will contact extermination company, insect tech. Please provide a list of specific recommendations to eliminate the flies from your extermination company and fly idenitification. ,
Critical Hot and cold holding N/A N/A N/A Potentially hazardous food items in silver king at waitress station on right side found at improper temperature. Critical corrected: at time of inspection discarded all potentially hazardous food items, various dressings found at 49°F - 52°F. Facility will use ice small quantities of dressings in ice bath until repair person on-site this week to repair or replace
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm N/A N/A N/A Walk-in-cooler gasket on bottom of door not sealing to the floor; please replace
Normal Unnecessary Items and Litter N/A N/A N/A Some clutter and unnecessary items observed throughout the basement in large part due to on-going construction. Please sort through and get rid of any items not used in the operation and maintenance of kitchen and organize remaining items once construction completed
Normal Lighting, Intensity N/A N/A N/A Light bulbs burnt out in light fixture prep kitchen side against wall. Please replace to provide adequate lighting in this area
Normal Surface Characteristics, Indoo N/A N/A N/A Floors on cook line near fryers and floors near handwash sink at waitress station in poor repair. Please re-grout/re-tile as needed to provide smooth, easily cleanable floors in these areas
Normal Cooling, Heating, and Holding N/A N/A N/A Silver king on right side at waitress station not maintaining food at proper temperature. Refrigeration shall be capable of maintaining food at 41°F or below at all times
Normal Hand Drying Provision N/A N/A N/A (1) no paper towels available at handwash sink in prep area of kitchen. Corrected at time of inspection by providing paper towels in dispenser. (2) paper towel dispenser not dispensing paper towels at peak bar. Please repair.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio N/A N/A N/A These areas in need of cleaning: can opener stem, some refrigeration door gaskets, floor/wall juncture in some areas of kitchen, floors under waitress beverage station, floors under ric at waitress station, floors under shelving units at waitress station, floor drain covers in several areas, interior some floor drains (drain under waitress station very difficult to access), small portable fan cover near ice machine rear kitchen and exterior conduit prep area rear kitchen. Please clean now and as often as necessary to maintain in clean condition
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa N/A N/A N/A (1) water temporarily shut off due to construction at handwash sink in 3-compartment sink area rear kitchen and at handwash sink at den bar. Please restore hot and cold water at these sinks as soon as possible. (2) leak in piping in basement ceiling near keg washing operation. Please repair and maintain in good repair. (3) handwash sink plugged at waitress station. Please repair and maintain in good repair