Health Report #111450

Establishment Name: Grahams
Report Date: 08/12/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Controlling Pests N/A N/A N/A Your kitchen has a population of drain flies in it. You need to have a licensed pest company out to eliminate them from your store within 30 days. I want you to save their written reports for my review on my follow up inspection in 1 month.
Critical Potentially Hazardous Food (Ti N/A N/A N/A The following items were found above 41*f: sliced and diced tomatoes (48* and 68*) at the salad prep cooler, sauteed mushroom/pepper mix at 60*-64*f, bruschetta topping at 60*f at the sautee cooler and whipped honey butter at 53*f in the room service cooler. Prepped foods like cut tomatoes and sauteed items need to be rapidly cooled down in the walk in cooler or freezer to below 41*f before stocking in prep cooler rails. Train staff to folllow these processes and be using metal stem thermometers to verify temps. Do not use the room service cooler to store any phf's until repaired and holds foods at 41*f or less. I will be back to follow up on these issues. Foods were discarded. Staff are also overstocking product in the pans on the cold rails. Do not go above fill lines. And keep any empty spots blocked off with empty pans.
Critical Cooling Methods N/A N/A N/A I observed large portions of meats that were left in large portions while cooling. Meats need to be cut into small portions and put on sheet trays to cool rapidly. Staff need to be monitoring cooling methods and temps. Corrected by discarding. I will be back to verify proper cooling methods are being used. I would like you to have your new chef use the cooling charts to verify cooling times/temps of all hot foods that are cooled.
Critical Manual Warewashing Equipment, N/A N/A N/A Hot water at bar handsink only got to 107*f. Water temp for detergent water must be at least 110*f. Service hot water so it is above 110*f. I will be back to verify.
Critical Non-Continuous Cooking of Raw N/A N/A N/A I found partially cooked chicken breasts that were not marked to indicate they are only partially cooked. Any meats/seafood that is par cooked must be marked to indicate it is not fully cooked. Corrected by marking pan as "raw" on par cooked product.
Critical Time as a Public Health Contro N/A N/A N/A Staff have stopped marking times for foods on time control. This must be done if using time as health control. I will be back to verify this is being done.
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza N/A N/A N/A I found several cooked off meats on a speedrack in the walk in cooler that were beyond the use by dates. Staff need to be auditing product for expired foods on a daily basis. Foods used on catering need to be discarded after uses. Corrected by discarding these meats and not saving them anymore.
Critical Equipment, Food-Contact Surfac N/A N/A N/A I observed knives dirty on the main line in a hotel pan. Staff hand wash these items. They need to be sure they are washing, rinsing and sanitizing them. Corrected by doing such. Also, observed uncleaned beverage pitchers at the server station. Pitchers need to be run through dishwasher after uses. You need to organize a place to store your bev pitchers. Corrected by running through dish.
Normal Storage Areas, Rooms, and Rece N/A N/A N/A No wastebasket stocked at server handsink in kitchen. Keep one stocked there.
Normal Light Bulbs, Protective Shield N/A N/A N/A Shield the florescent lights in the liquor closet!
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa N/A N/A N/A Direct connect the server handsink to sewer, as water is spilling onto floor under this sink creating alot of black mold growth in this area. Thoroughly clean this area after directly connecting to sewer.
Normal Temperature Measuring Devices, N/A N/A N/A Provide a thermometer at the bar so they can temp the detergent water temp.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm N/A N/A N/A Walk in freezer was frosted up. Door is in bad shape. You need to replace the door within 6 months.
Normal Repairing N/A N/A N/A Your kitchen needs to be maintained in good condition. You have many damaged floor coving tiles, holes in walls, missing or cracked floor tiles, walk in doors that are damaged and need to be replaced, a hole in the floor under the sautee reach in cooler, drainboards that need to be caulked to the walls at the dish area, etc. You need to keep your facility in good repair as things get damaged. By your next inspection, i expect to see damaged things repaired or replaced. Also, the lid to the ice cream freezer needs door seals. Condensation was dripping onto product inside this unit.