Health Report #111408

Establishment Name: Karl's Family Restaurant
Report Date: 05/10/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Warewashing Chem.San., Temp/pH Iodine solution concentration Dishwashing machine Below 12.5 ppm Observed no iodine solution in bar dishmachine (container was empty). Please ensure staff are checking iodine level in dishmachine often and replace as needed. Pic corrected by refilling iodine container at time of inspection. Rechecked at 15ppm at time of inspection. Critical corrected.
Critical Clean Sight/Touch-No Accum/Enc Food-contact surface(s) Equipment can openers prep area can opener With accumulation of debris Observed can opener blade in salad prep area with an accumulation of sticky black debris. All can openers must be washed, rinsed and sanitized every 24 hours or throughout the day as needed and must be clean to sight and touch. Pic corrected by sending can opener through dishmachine at time of inspection. Critical corrected.
Critical Raw Animal Foods Cooking of raw animal food(s) cooking/preparation area Alto-Shamm oven Not cooked to 165 degrees F for 15 seconds Poultry Observed pan of rte chicken breasts in alto shamm oven in prep area with an internal food temp of 143-150f. Chicken was just cooked (from a raw state) on grill when i arrived for inspection. Cook knew proper cooking temperature of chicken (165f) but admitted he did not check meat with food thermometer before placing in hot holding unit. All raw chicken must be cooked thoroughly to 165f to kill any bacteria in the raw meat. Please ensure all cooks are trained in food safety and proper cooking temps. Also, all cooks must verify proper cook off temps with a food thermometer as needed. Pic corrected by reheating all chicken breasts to 165f then returning chicken to hot holding unit. Critical corrected
Normal Using a Handwashing Sink Handwashing sink(s) prep area handsink Used for culinary purposes Observed bag of raw shrimp thawing under running water in handsink in prep area. All handsinks are to be used for handwashing only and are not be used for culinary purposes.
Normal Miscellaneous Sources Food dessert station upright cooler Not protected From contamination Observed 2 uncovered ice cream containers in dessert station cooler. All food must be stored in a protected manner at all times. To correct, please seal packages of ice cream back up after use
Normal Clean, Vent. Sys., Prev. Disch Ventilation system cooking/preparation area ventilation hood Not clean Observed ventilation filters in cooking area with an accumulation of grease and debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule
Normal In-Use Utensils/Between-Storag Dispensing utensil(s) dessert station utensils Improperly stored In standing water No dipper well Observed clean ice cream scoopers stored in pan of stagnant water on counter in dessert station area. All utensils must be stored in a clean, dry location at all times. Stagnant water can accumulate bacteria and is not an approved location for ice cream scoopers. As stated in past, either install an approved dipper well with flowing water or properly wash, rinse and sanitize all scoopers after use.
Normal Exterior Ice Prohibited Ingred Ice ice bin Used as a cooling medium Observed bottle of mountain dew laying in small ice bin in bar area and 2 bottles of wine in bar area stored in ice bins for customer ice. All ice that is used for customers is considered food and cannot be dually used to cool beverages. Must keep customer ice separate at all times to prevent possible contamination.
Normal Food Storage, prohibited Areas Food(s) stored mechanical room In prohibited area(s) In mechanical room(s) Observed dry storage shelves moved to mechanical room while restaurant is remodeling. Cannot store food in mechanical room. Please relocate to approved area as soon as possible