Health Report #111407

Establishment Name: Karl's Family Restaurant
Report Date: 10/29/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Potentially Hazardous Food (Ti Cold food item(s) N/A Stored above 41 degrees F Found cooked/par cooked chicken breasts in the prep unit, far left side, on the line to be holding @ 47-48* f. Corrected - chicken breasts were discarded. Care must be taken to check the ambient air temperature of the unit to ensure correct holding temperature
Critical Non-Continuous Cooking of Raw N/A N/A N/A Found chicken breasts in prep unit that when discussed with staff were found to be par-cooked. Staff said that the chicken breasts are not fully cooked to 165* f, then cooled and held in the prep unit. These chicken breasts were dusted for chicken parm. Staff then said the breasts are "finished" to order. Corrected - chicken was discarded. Correct par-cooking process was discussed with staff. If par-cooking is done, holding containers will be marked as such, and "finishing" will include bringing the chicken to a full cook @ 165*f before service
Critical Manual and Mechanical Warewash Iodine solution concentration Dishwashing machine Below 12.5 ppm Found no iodine concentration in the glass washer at the bar. Upon inspection, found a large air bubble in the iodine tubing which was preventing the sanitizer from being injected into the glass washer. Service tech was called at the time of this inspection. Corrected - service tech came at the time of the inspection and primed glass washer. Iodine now dispensing at proper concentration. Staff shown how to prime machine as well
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza Ready to eat, potentially hazardous food(s) walk in cooler Beyond consume by date Found several house-made sauces being held in the prep unit on the line past the 7 day date mark. Also found house made plum tomato sauce in the wic past the expiration date. Corrected - expired sauces were discarded. Definition of "house-made" was discussed; any food item that is enhanced by adding ingredients to a commercially made product, as well as food items that are made completely from scratch are considered "house-made" and therefore subject to the 7 day discard date