Health Report #111332

Establishment Name: Haifa Falafel
Report Date: 02/24/2014
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Hand Drying Provision N/A N/A N/A Paper towels were not available at the rear prep area handsink. The dispenser was jammed. You need to keep the unit functioning so staff can dry hands after washing them. Corrected by un-jamming unit.
Critical Separation N/A N/A N/A A container of carpet cleaner was found stored on a rack above foods in the back room. You need to keep toxic items stored in safe location away from and below foods or food contact items. Owner needs to do self inspections of store to catch things like this. Corrected by moving to a safe location
Normal Food Storage N/A N/A N/A Containers of lemon juice, spices, crates of bread were all found stored on the floor. You need to keep foods stored on racks at least 6" off the floor.
Normal Food Storage Containers, Ident N/A N/A N/A You need to label all of your foods in english.
Normal Good Repair and Calibration N/A N/A N/A I found 4 knives that had chips of the blade broken off. You need to discard damaged utensils. Corrected by discarding.
Normal Maintaining Premises, Unnecess N/A N/A N/A You need to remove the old ice machine, the convection oven that you are not using and the large meat grinder that you were not approved to have in your store. You have very limited space in your facility to store things, so you need to get all equipment not used out of your store. Reminder, if you are bring new equipment into your facility, you need to go through plan review with our office first!
Normal Repairing N/A N/A N/A Your racks above the 3 compartment sink are not installed secure enough. It is pulling your frp wall covering off the wall. Have this repaired and adequatedly secure the racks to the wall.
Normal Single-Service and Single-Use N/A N/A N/A I don't want you to re-use retail containers to store foods in. These containers are not easily cleanable and were found very dirty. Obtain food grade food storage containers.
Normal In-Use Utensils, Between-Use S N/A N/A N/A The bowl that you dress your salads in was being stored on the garbage container at the front counter. You need to store this bowl on a clean surface, not the gargage can.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri N/A N/A N/A Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Once again, i observed your facility not being kept cleaned. Under all the equipment in the front prep the floors are dirty. The area where the floor drain is, is dirty. The bins you store your plasticware in are dirty. The floors and racks in the walk in cooler are dirty. The top of the grease trap is lined with bags and foil and is dirty. You need to maintain your store in a clean manner.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm N/A N/A N/A Repeat violation 2 times in a row!!! you were told to replace the damaged door gaskets on both of your reach in cooler doors at the front service area. This wasn't done. You now have 2 weeks to get it done. Send me pictures of the new seals on the doors by 3/10/14. There is standing water in the right side reach in cooler. Water should not be coming into your coolers. Have serviced.