Health Report #109855

Establishment Name: St. Mary Catholic Church
Report Date: 09/21/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Working containers, Common Nam Working containers-toxics cleaner N/A Not labeled as to content Found two spray bottles that were not labeled as to contents; one bottle in the k of c closet, one bottle in the mop sink/mechanical room next to the k of c closet. Corrected - the spray bottle from the k of c closet could not be identified and was discarded, the spray bottle from the mop sink room was glass cleaner and was labeled such by pic
Critical Sanitizers Sanitizer(s) under 3-comp sink Do not comply with law Found majestic brand bleach under 3 compartment sink. This bleach is not approved for food contact surfaces. Corrected - this brand of bleach was removed from the kitchen, labeled not for food contact surface sanitizing and stored away from the kitchen chemicals in another mech. Room
Normal Storing Equip./Uten./Lin./Sing Clean equipment/utensil(s) dry storage area shelves Not stored in self-draining position Found chafers on the top shelf in the dry storage room stored upright and exposed to dust, not inverted. Found boxed single service items stored directly on the floor in the dry storage room. Found cans of pop and bottled water stored on the floor in the k of c closet. Corrected - chafers were inverted on the top shelf, single service items relocated to higher shelf within the dry storage room. Pop and bottled water were relocated to a higher shelf in the k of c closet
Normal Cleaning Freq.,Food Contact Su N/A ice bin N/A Found the ice machine to have an accumulation of rust and scale on the ice making surfaces. Found the roof of the interior of the microwave to have stuck on food debris. To correct - thoroughly clean the ice machine to remove scale and rust that can harbor and promote bacteria growth. Thoroughly clean the interior roof of the microwave to remove stuck on food debris.