Health Report #109720

Establishment Name: Biggby Coffee
Report Date: 03/09/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Warewashing Chem.San., Temp/pH Quaternary ammonia solution N/A Not immersed in A concentration specified on manufacturers label Observed the quat sanitizer in the three compartment sink to be too weak (around 100 ppm). Corrected by providing a fresh solution of quat sanitizer at 200 ppm
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Date Markin Commercially processed ready to eat potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Without date of consumption marking Observed multiple individual servings of deli meat in the one door front counter cooler to not have use-by dates provided. Corrected by discarding this deli meat and by pulling more deli meat from the freezer and providing last day of use dates
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Disposition Ready to eat, potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Beyond consume by date Observed a single portion of beef deli meat in the one door back counter cooler to have a last day of use of 3-5-12. Corrected by discarding this meat. Ensure staff are checking the dates on your rte, phfs on a daily basis and purging food as needed
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment components seals front counter area refrigerator, broken Observed the door gasket on the one door beverage air cooler at the back counter to be torn. Provide a replacement gasket that is smooth and easily cleanable
Normal Hand Drying Provision Sanitary hand drying provisions disposable, paper towels rear prep area handsink, Not provided No paper towel/towel dispenser is provided in the back room hand washing sink. Provide a stocked paper towel dispenser w/in 45 days. A follow-up inspection will be required for this item
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures floors N/A Not clean The following areas are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor sink located under the front counter (drain for the dipping well and espresso machine), and the floor under the false bottoms of the back counter base cabinets.
Normal Clean Freq, Nonfood-Contact Su Nonfood contact surface(s) N/A With accumulation of debris Observed dust and spilled oatmeal accumulation in the customer grab & go cooler (at the bottom, front of the unit where the cold air comes out). Regularly clean this cooler to keep it clean
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system , Not maintained Observed two water leaks in the facility: 1) the left-hand bunn coffee brewer on the back counter is leaking water from the top; 2) observed water dripping onto the floor from the ice making machine in the back room. Repair these water issues asap (must maintain the existing air gap for the ice machine/bin drain lines) to eliminate the water on the counter and floors
Normal Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation Wiping cloth(s) wet N/A Stored in Less than 100-200 ppm quaternary ammonia Observed two containers at the front kitchen area with wiping towels to have a low sanitizer concentration (<100 ppm). Corrected by providing fresh sanitizer at 200 ppm
Normal Drying mops Wet mop(s) storage N/A Allows walls to be soiled Observed the wet mop head stored hanging to the left of the mop sink basin. Please ask staff to hang the wet mop above the mop sink in the mop rack provided so all moisture drains in to the mop sink basin and doesn't leave moisture on the wall or floor
Normal Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation Wiping cloth(s) N/A Stored in Less than 100-200 ppm quaternary ammonia Observed two of the three containers of sanitizer at the front kitchen area to be too weak. Corrected by providing fresh quat sanitizer at 200ppm