Health Report #109699

Establishment Name: Huron Krispy Krunchy Chicken
Report Date: 03/11/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system ice machine drains Not maintained At the ice machine observed no air gap on the drain line-- pipe appears to have slipped into the drain. Correct by reestablishing air gap
Normal Characteristics Food-contact surface(s) and utensils N/A Constructed from materials that are not Sufficient in weight & thickness for repeated wearwashing Observed containers used for storing raw chicken constructed of lightweight material. Also, the containers have many protrusions that allow for the collection of food debris. Correct by replacing with commercial food service storage containers. This item was noted during the last inspection
Normal Light Bulbs, Protective Shield Light shielding N/A Not provided In the rear prep area observed two- four lamp fluorescent light fixtures without protective shielding. Correct by providing shielding
Normal Maintaining Premises, Unnecess Unnecessary item(s) old/broken equipment throughout entire facility floor Not removed from facility In the rear prep area and the office area observed several pieces of no longer used equipment, broken equipment, and items related to the operation of the convenience store. These items prevent proper cleaning of the facility. The items include: 1. A frozen drink machine 2. A prep top refrigerator 3. A bunn coffee maker 4. A marlboro merchandiser 5. A fricon upright reach in freezer 6. A cappuccino machine 7. Cases of quaker state oil (in office not near food) 8. Old office equipment correct by removing the items from the facility