Health Report #109678

Establishment Name: Happy's Pizza
Report Date: 07/17/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Separation, Packaging, & Segre Raw animal food(s) N/A Stored over/next to Ready-to-eat food(s) Observed a container of raw shrimp on the top shelf of the reach-in portion of the salad/sandwich make line cooler. Corrected by relocating this shrimp container to the one door upright cooler on the bottom shelf
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Date Markin Commercially processed ready to eat potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Without date of consumption marking No date marking was provided for the following ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods: ribs, rib tips, gyros, hot dogs, portioned meats (chicken, steak, turkey, ham, brisket, lasagna, mostaccioli, ranch dressing, etc. Ensure staff are providing last day of use stickers with the date when the packaging is opened for commercially prepared rte, phfs or when in-house made rte, phfs are made
Normal Areas-Receptacles, Capacity/Av Handwash trash receptacle(s) N/A Not provided At hand sink Provide trash cans at your kitchen hand washing stations
Normal Drying mops Wet mop(s) storage Back kitchen area mop sink Improperly dried Observed a couple wet mop heads resting in the bottom of the mop sink. Please hang up the mops on the provided hanging device to facilitate faster air drying
Normal Storing Equip./Uten./Lin./Sing Single-service/single-use article(s) N/A Stored with food-contact portion exposed Observed a couple stacks of single service to-go containers stored upright on a shelf. Corrected by discarding the top containers and inverting the stack of containers
Normal Lighting, Intensity Lighting intensity N/A N/A No lights were functional in the men's bathroom. Corrected by providing new light bulbs.
Normal Outside receptacles Waste receptacle(s) dumpster N/A With doors,lids or covers Left open Observed the left dumpster cover to be open. Please keep these covers closed to prevent pest entry
Normal Using a Handwashing Sink Handwashing sink(s) N/A Not easily accessible Items stored In Observed a pitcher used for measuring oil to be stored in the back kitchen hand washing sink basin. Corrected by removing the pitcher