Health Report #109288

Establishment Name: Hong Kong
Report Date: 11/08/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Clean Sight/Touch-No Accum/Enc Food-contact surface(s) Back kitchen area Soiled Observed can opener and food slicer to be dirty with a build up food debris. Food contact surfaces must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized prior to use and stored clean. Pic corrected during inspection by cleaning equipment.
Critical Safe/Unadult./Honestly Present Food food storage shelf/rack cans Not safe Observed at the can storage area three unopened hoisin sauce cans to be bloated on the top and bottom lid. A fourth can was observed leaking on the side. Bloated cans indicate the presence of pathogenic bacterial growth within the can. Cans must inspected for damage during delivery, storage, and before use. Any damaged or bloated cans must not be used for food preparation and should be discarded. Pic corrected by discarding cans in the outside refuse dumpster
Normal Outer Openings, Protected Outer opening(s) Door(s) back door screen door Not sealed to prevent pest entry Observed screen door at rear entry way to have holes in the screen. Correct by repairing screen to help prevent pest entry into facility
Normal Clean, Vent. Sys., Prev. Disch Ventilation system exhaust air ducts exhaust hood filter Filter(s) not changed Creating source of contamination Observed exhaust hood filters with a build up of grease. This is a repeat violation from a previous inspection. Correct by frequent cleaning of the exhaust hood filters using an approved method
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures walls entire establishment Not clean Observed a build up of food debris and grease on the floors under preparation table, preparation sink, and food storage shelves in the kitchen area. Correct by cleaning under equipment on a regular schedule to prevent build up of food debris and food
Normal In-Use Utensils/Between-Storag Dispensing utensil(s) Prep/storage area sink Improperly stored With handle in product N/A