Health Report #108970

Establishment Name: Blackpearl
Report Date: 04/04/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Preventing Contamination from Ready-to-eat food(s) counter top(s) cutting board Handled with bare hands Observed employee cut lemons with bare hands. Employee corrected by putting on gloves (employee states hands were just washed) and then continued to cut lemons. Pic has been instructed to monitor that employees are handling ready to eat food with gloves or utensils.
Normal Hand Drying Provision Sanitary hand drying provisions disposable, paper towels restroom, men's public handsink Not provided At hand sink Found no paper towels in the mens public restroom paper towel dispenser. To correct fill paper towel dispenser and keep filled.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment cooking/preparation area freezer In poor repair Found a container catching drips from melting ice on the top shelf of the 2 door reach in freezer. To correct verify that freezer is functioning properly, that is defrosting properly, and repair if necessary. Found the coil of the 2 door reach in freezer soiled with dusty build up. To correct clean coil and keep freezer in good working order.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures floors cooking/preparation area floor Soiled Found the kitchen floor (under equipment,edges and corners) soiled with build up and accumulation. To correct thoroughly clean floors and clean on a more frequent schedule.
Normal Clean Freq, Nonfood-Contact Su Nonfood contact surface(s) cooking/preparation area Soiled Found the cooking hood, hood lights, and hood filters soiled with greasy and dusty build up. Found the dishwashing hood soiled with grease and dust. Found the door gaskets, door handles and exterior door panels of coolers and freezers soiled. Found the air filter, and exterior surfaces of ice machine soiled with dusty build up. To correct clean noted areas and clean on a more frequent schedule.