Health Report #108884

Establishment Name: Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill
Report Date: 09/24/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Warewashing Chem.San., Temp/pH N/A N/A N/A The bar glasswash machine is not getting sanitizer into it. Staff need to be using test papers to verify machine is dispensing 50-100ppm every morning!!! service tech out and repaired it!
Normal Outer Openings, Protected N/A N/A N/A You need to keep the back door closed, as flies are getting in through the "curtain". You would need a tight fitting screen door here if you want to keep the back door open.
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa N/A N/A N/A The drain line out of the ice bin at the server station has slipped down into the drain cup, eliminating the required air gap on this line. Have the line re-secured so it is permanently air gapped!
Normal Hand Drying Provision N/A N/A N/A Paper towels were not re-stocked after depleting at the salad prep handsink. Staff need to be re-stocking immediately after depletion.
Normal Clean Freq, Nonfood-Contact Su N/A N/A N/A Staff need to clean the floor drain at the bar more frequently.
Normal Controlling Pests N/A N/A N/A I observed flies in your store, especially by the back door. You need to keep the back door closed.
Normal Employee Accommodations, Desig N/A N/A N/A Someone hung their sweatshirt over the pop syrup rack. Be sure staff hang personal clothing on hooks provided.