Health Report #108692

Establishment Name: Macy's
Report Date: 07/30/2014
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Potentially Hazardous Food (Ti Cold food item(s) N/A Stored above 41 degrees F Front counter fruit display unit: observed cut watermelon, a potentially hazardous food, to be stored in a plastic container on top of ice. This melon was at 50f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure all potentially hazardous foods are maintained at 41f or below using proper techniques (metal pans, ice at or above the food level, covered, etc. ).
Critical Cooling Methods Food item(s) cooled N/A Improperly In plastic container, Improperly Covered Observed boiled potatoes and cooked chicken breast cooked earlier today to be placed in the walk in cooler in covered plastic containers while still slightly warm. Corrected by removing the covers and placing the foods on the top walk in cooler shelf.
Critical Equipment, Food-Contact Surfac Food-contact surface(s) N/A Soiled The following items are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: 1) the mounting surfaces for the soda spouts and diffusers (consider contacting coke-a-cola for a set of cleaning brushes); 2) the silicone muffin "tins"; 2) the interior surfaces of the ice machine (hire a contractor familiar with the disassembly and cleaning of this machine)
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza Commercially processed ready to eat potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Without date of consumption marking Walk in cooler: the following phfs were not provided with date labels--cut watermelon, and corned beef. Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff provide date labels on all ready to eat, phfs
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza Ready to eat, potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Beyond consume by date Walk in cooler and front display cooler: the following foods were beyond their last day of use: bulk chicken salad/chicken salad wrap (7-29) and sliced deli turkey (7-29). Corrected by discarding
Critical Using a Handwashing Sink Handwashing sink(s) N/A Not easily accessible Items stored In Observed a small green pail of sanitizer and some towels stored in the back counter hand washing station near the cash register. Corrected by removing these items.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri Physical facilities/structures floors N/A Soiled The following areas are in need of more frequent cleaning: underneath the front and back counter cabinets; most of the floor drains in the front service area; and most of the floor sinks in the front service area
Normal Equipment and Utensils, Air-Dr Clean equipment and utensil(s) pots/pans N/A Stored/stacked wet Observed moisture still present on the interior surfaces of the stacked metal food containers on the storage shelves in the back kitchen. Allow these containers to fully air dry prior to stacking them
Normal Equipment, Utensils, Linens, a Clean equipment/utensil(s) N/A Stored with food-contact portion exposed, Not stored in self-draining position The two blue ice transfer pails were observed to be stored upright on the table by the ice machine. Please store these pails inverted on a clean and sanitized surface to they can drain and to prevent the accumulation of misc. Debris
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment N/A In poor repair Observed condensation dripping from the copper drain line under the front counter fruit display unit. Provide pipe insulation to eliminate the dripping water
Normal Miscellaneous Sources of Conta Food N/A Not protected From contamination Some small food containers are being stored directly on top of bulk foods located in lexan tubs. Discontinue this method of storage as the potential for food contamination exists due to the bottom of the small food containers in contact with other food
Normal Posting and display of license N/A N/A N/A The food service license is currently posted in the office. Relocate the license to an area viewable by your customers