Health Report #108504

Establishment Name: Kang's Korean Restaurant
Report Date: 05/29/2015
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Equipment, Food-Contact Surfac Food-contact surface(s) N/A Soiled In the basement, observed the food slicer with raw beef and beef fat on the guards and landing plate. Corrected during the inspection by properly cleaning these surfaces. Item corrected. ************************risk control plan needed********************************* this violation was observed during the last inspection. Therefore, a risk control plan needs to be developed and submitted to the health department for approval. A copy of risk control form was provided to mr kang during the inspection. Please complete and submit within 30 days. Thank you.
Critical Using a Handwashing Sink Handwashing sink(s) hand sink Used for culinary purposes Cleaning Observed the handwashing sink in the basement and the handwashing sink in the kitchen used for dishwashing. These sinks are for handwashing only. Temporarily corrected during the inspection by educating employees about using these sinks for handwashing purposes only. This violation has been cited on 4 of the last 5 routine inspections. Pursuant to the washtenaw county procedures for enforcement of the michigan food law you are required to attend an administrative conference at the health department office. An administrative conference notice was provided during this inspection
Critical Manual Warewashing Equipment, Manual warewash wash solution three compartment sink Below 110 degrees F At the in use three compartment sink observed the wash water temperature to be 85 degrees f. Corrected by draining and refilling with a fresh solution of proper temperature wash water
Normal Warewashing Equipment, Clean S Warewashing solutions three compartment sink Not clean At the in use three compartment sink observed the wash water to be heavily soiled with grease and food debris. Corrected by draining and refilling with a fresh solution of wash water
Normal Other Liquid Wastes and Rainwa Liquid waste(s) N/A Not disposed according to law In the kitchen observed the condensate line from the new air conditioner to terminate in the dish rinsing sink. Correct by relocating the condensate line termination to an approved location
Normal Drying Mops Wet mop(s) storage mop sink Allows for contamination In the basement at the mop sink observed the sink to be full of soiled water and two mops resting in the water. Correct by hanging the mops dry between uses and draining the mop water.
Normal Nonfood-Contact Surfaces Nonfood contact surface(s) refrigerator With accumulation of debris In the bsmt storage area observed the interior of each of the refrigerators with an accumulation of grime. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis. This is a repeat violation.