Health Report #107432

Establishment Name: Oasis Cafe/Rendezvous Cafe/South U Pizza
Report Date: 02/04/2014
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Cooling Cooked food(s) cooled N/A From 70 degrees f to 41 degrees F for more than 4 hours In the wic observed two deep 1/9th pans of lentils at 60 degrees f. The lentils were cooked on 2/3/2014 in the evening. The cooler is at the correct ambient temperature and other food items in the wic are at 41 degrees or less. Pic corrected the item during the inspection by discarding the lentils. Item corrected.
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza In house prepared ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food(s) N/A Without date of consumption marking In the wic observed the following house made items with no datemarking: 1. Individual parfait style cups of rice pudding 2. 14 1/3 pans of hummus. The pic indicates these food items were made on 2/3/2014 in the evening. Pic corrected the item during the inspection by placing labeling the food items with an appropriate discard date. Item corrected
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment components N/A In poor repair Open seams At south university pizza at the reach in portion of the prep top pizza make table observed all three doors with broken and open door seals. Correct by replacing the door seals
Normal Service Sink Mop/utility sink(s) N/A Not provided No service sink is available in the facility. The service sink previously used for the facility was located in rendezvous cafe. However, during the conversion of rendezvous from a food service establishment to a hookah lounge the doorway between rendezvous and oasis was closed off. Correct by installing a service sink
Normal Light Bulbs, Protective Shield Light shielding N/A Not provided In the wic observed a fluorescent light bulb with no protective shielding. Correct by installing approved shielding
Normal Repairing Physical facilities N/A In poor repair In the storage area by the back door to south university pizza observed the following items in need of repair: 1. Above the reach in freezer observed the ceiling with water damage. No obvious water was observed leaking from the ceiling. Correct by investigating source of leak and repairing the ceiling. 2. In the closet across from the reach in freezer observed missing floor tile. 3. In the closet across from the reach in freezer observed the ceiling drywall to be falling down. Correct #2 and #3 by repairing or replacing the missing floor and ceiling to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface