Health Report #107365

Establishment Name: Biggby Coffee
Report Date: 05/19/2014
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Maintenance Fingernails N/A With fingernail polish or artificial fingernails Without gloves Observed an employee with fingernail polish preparing foods. Corrected by removing the nail polish
Critical Warewashing Equipment, Determi Sanitizer test kit N/A Not used Ensure staff are properly using the provided quat sanitizer test kit (read the instructions on the back) to verify the concentration of the sanitizer. Corrected by discussing the test strip use with staff.
Critical Hand Drying Provision Sanitary hand drying provisions hand sink Not provided No paper towel is provided in the dispenser at the back kitchen hand washing station. Only one roll of paper towel remains in the facility. Ensure enough paper towels are ordered so your facility doesn't run out prior to your next weekly shipment. Corrected by placing a partially used roll of paper towel in this dispenser and the full roll in another location with higher use. A risk control plan was left with this report to be completed and returned to me to control this issue in the future
Normal Certification of managerial em N/A N/A N/A This store still does not have a certified food safety manager. Within 90 days provide me verification a manager who works a minimum of 30 hours per week has obtained this certification
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri Physical facilities/structures N/A Soiled The floor sink located under the espresso machine is over-due for cleaning. Maintain this drain and the surrounding floor area clean to prevent pest problems
Normal Prohibition Jewelry ring(s), Jewelry bracelet's) N/A Worn on hands/arms during prep An employee was wearing several bracelets and a couple rings while preparing foods. Corrected by removing these items
Normal Warewashing Equipment, Cleanin Warewashing equipment drainboards N/A Not cleaned Observed the drain board used for draining clean dishes to not be clean. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing this drain board
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system N/A Not maintained Over-head spray nozzle: upon arrival, it was noticed the overhead spray nozzle was spraying water every time the water at the three compartment sink was turned on (for the faucet and the chemical dispenser). The plunger that activates the water flow was stuck in the open position (pushed in). The return spring is broken on this unit. Provide a replacement return spring to make this unit functional again