Health Report #107071

Establishment Name: Players Ii Bingo Hall
Report Date: 06/17/2010
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Compliance with Food Law Food item(s) prepared front counter area counter In a private home Found individually wrapped cake made from home offered for sale in the front counter area. Pic corrected by discarding cake, and was informed that food made at home, is not allowed to be sold in a food establishment.
Normal Hair Restraint Effectiveness Hair restraint hat cooking/preparation area Not worn on head/hair Observed employee working in food prep areas not wearing hat/hair restraint. To correct provide hat/hair restraint, and remind food employees to wear them.
Normal N/A N/A N/A N/A Change of ownership of this food establishment is taking place. Submit an application for a food establishment before the date planned for change of ownership.
Normal Manager Certification N/A N/A N/A Found no certified manager on staff. To correct provide manager certification as soon as possible.
Normal Sanitizing Solution Testing De Sanitizer test kit quaternary ammonia 3 compartment sink shelf Not provided Found no quat test kit to test sanitizer concentrations. To correct provide quat test kit.
Normal Storing Equip./Uten./Lin./Sing Single-service/single-use article(s) front counter area counter Exposed to dust, splash, or other contaminates Found a stack of unwrapped coffee filters stored on top of pop machine. To correct store coffee filters in a more protected manner, such as in a covered storage box.
Normal Kitchenware and Tableware Utensil(s) single-service front counter area self service area Stored with food-contact portion exposed Found single use utensils (spoons) stored jumbled in the utensil bin in the front counter self service area. To correct store spoons with handles in one direction, to minimize contamination.