Health Report #106919

Establishment Name: Raja Rani Indian Cuisine
Report Date: 09/10/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Potentially Hazardous Food (Ti N/A N/A N/A Cheese ball mixture (kofta) and cooked curry chicken found at improper temperature on prep table on cook line. Potentially hazardous food shall maintain at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. Corrected at time of inspection by (1) discarding cheese ball mixture (cheese, cooked potatoes, spices, flour, etc) found at 75°F and (2) reheating boiled chicken found at 91°F to >165°F on stove top in sauce. Once food removed from temperature control the next step in the preparation should be completed quickly by batching food and staying on task so the food item does not go into the danger zone (42°F - 134°F).
Critical Food-Contact Surfaces N/A N/A N/A Surface in tandori oven in some areas in poor repair, not smooth and easily cleanable. Please resurface to provide smooth surface and to prevent any pieces from oven wall from adhering to bread. Not corrected. ,
Critical Manual Warewashing, Sink Compa N/A N/A N/A Large pots found in rear kitchen that cannot be immersed in the sink compartments at the 3-compartment sink manual warewashing operation and cannot fit in the automatic warewashing machine. Please remove the 16 gallon and 10 gallon pots or provide larger compartments at 3-compartment sink. Not corrected. ,
Critical Food Display N/A N/A N/A Three hot food items found without cover at the lunch buffet. Food shall be protected from potential contamination. Corrected at time of inspection by providing lids for these three food items. As discussed in previous inspections consider providing an additional sneeze shield for these food items for permanent correction
Critical Potentially Hazardous Food (Ti N/A N/A N/A Two large containers of potentially hazardous food items found at improper temperature in rear kitchen. Potentially hazardous food shall maintain at 41°F or below or 135°F or above at all times. Corrected at time of inspection by discarding (1) 16 gallon pot approximately 1/2°Filled with cooked potatoes found at 54°F and (2) 16 gallon pot approximately 3/4°Filled with raw vegetable mixture including cut cabbage found at 75°F. All food was placed in plastic garbage bags, soap poured into each bag and placed in dumpster. Discussed making smaller batches of food daily instead of one large batch weekly; facility was making smaller batches daily per pic; will provide list of food items prepared, which day they are prepared and how much at follow-up inspection
Normal Nonfood-Contact Surfaces N/A N/A N/A Some shelves and interior bottom 2 door beverage air freezer rear kitchen rusty. Please replace shelving units and cover bottom until unit replaced.
Normal Light Bulbs, Protective Shield N/A N/A N/A Some light shields in kitchen found without end caps. Please provide end caps and install properly to protect light bulbs
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm N/A N/A N/A (1) some refrigeration and freezer units found with gaskets in poor repair. Please replace to provide good seal and so smooth and easily cleanable. (2) osbserved water on the bottom of the edesa refigeration unit rear kitchen. Please repair to eliminate standing water
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri N/A N/A N/A These areas in need of cleaning; interior bottom beverage air 2 door freezer rear kitchen and handle area some refrigeration units rear kitchen. Please clean now and as often as necessary to maintain in clean condition
Normal Equipment and Utensils, Air-Dr N/A N/A N/A Some clean dishes found stacked wet on clean dish storage shelving unit. Clean dishes shall drain/air dry prior to stacking. There is adequate space to spread the insert pans out to drain prior to stacking
Normal Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation N/A N/A N/A Sanitizer concentration low in wet wiping cloth solution rear kitchen. Please monitor sanitizer concentration throughout the day with your chlorine test kit and change solution as needed