Health Report #106771

Establishment Name: Popeye's
Report Date: 11/09/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Cooling Cooked food(s) cooled upright cooler shelf From 135 degrees f to 70 degrees F for more than 2 hours Observed large plastic bin of cooked rice in upright cooler in prep area with an internal food temperature of 81-85f. Rice was covered with lid and was made 3 hours ago per time stamp on bin. All phf must be cooled from 135f to 70f within 2 hours and from 70f to 41f or below within a total of 6 hours. Need to utilize shallower pans and spread rice out into thin layers before placing into coolers and do not cover pans when actively cooling. May need to utilize ice baths if current method is not working. Pic corrected by discarding rice at time of inspection. Pic to start splitting rice into 2 pans and placing into wif for 1 hour before placing into upright cooler. Critical corrected
Normal Equipment and Utensils, Air-Dr Clean equipment and utensil(s) shelves Stored/stacked wet Observed employees stacking/storing wet pans on clean dishware rack resulting in water collecting on edges of pans. Stagnant water can accumulate bacteria. To correct, please allow all pans and utensils to completely air dry before placing on shelf
Normal Cooling methods Food item(s) cooled upright cooler shelf Improperly Covered Facility currently utilizing large plastic bins and covering with lids when actively cooling phf. As discussed, need to be utilizing shallower uncovered pans and ice baths as needed. Whatever cooling method you employ, staff must be monitoring food as it passes through the temperature danger zone