Health Report #106327

Establishment Name: Stivers
Report Date: 10/12/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Cooling Cooked food(s) cooled walk in cooler shelf From 70 degrees f to 41 degrees F for more than 4 hours Found pork gravy in wic holding @ 49 degrees f. Pic said gravy was made on 10/11/11. Food had no date. Gravy held in deep aluminum pan. Also found taco meat holding @ 44 degrees with no date. Also found cooked potatoes being held at 44 degrees f. In a deep pickle bucket. To correct - observe proper cooling techniques of cooling cooked food to 70 degrees within 2 hours, and from 70 degrees to 41 degrees in aother 2 hours. Use shallower pans with ice sticks to cool foods rapidly. Use datemarking. Pic corrected by discarding these food items
Normal Food labels Food label(s) walk in cooler Do not include Found several working food containers and cooked foods in the wic and reach-in coolers without labels. To correct - provide labels to all food containers and cooked foods
Normal N/A N/A N/A N/A No anti-choking poster displayed. To correct - obtain an anti-choking poster from the american red cross office and display in plain view in the kitchen area
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system reach in cooler bottom Not maintained Found standing water on the bottom of the reach0in beer cooler at the bar. To correct - check to see if there is a plugged drainline that could be preventing the water from draining out of the unit. Maintain now and on a more frequent basis
Normal In-Use Utensils/Between-Storag Dispensing utensil(s) walk in cooler shelf Improperly stored To prevent contamination of food or food related items Found several pans of food in walk in cooler with bowls or plates used as scooping utensils stored in the pans. To correct - remove all such kitchenware from food items as this practice is not approved. If scooping utensils are needed, they must have handles which extend above the top of the food they are being stored
Normal Ambient Temp. Measuring Device Air/water thermometer(s) cooler(s) walk in cooler shelf Not accurate Found thermometer in wic cooler to be reading 26 degrees f. To correct - recalibrate or replace thermometer
Normal Clean Freq, Nonfood-Contact Su Nonfood contact surface(s) reach in cooler gaskets Soiled Found gaskets of the reach in freezer across from the time clock to have gaskets that are dirty with a build-up of grime. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule
Normal Temperature Measuring Devices Thermometer(s) reach in cooler wait station Not provided No thermometer was found in the reach-in cooler in the hallway. To correct - replace missing thermometer
Normal Food storage Food item(s) in storage walk in cooler floor Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor Found several buckets stored on the floor in the wic, and unopened boxes of jar foods stored on the floor in the dry storage area. To correct - in the wic, reorganize food storage to accomodate the food buckets. If buckets are removed from cooler, then placed on a prep surface, dirt from the cooler floor is now on the prep area. In the dry storage area, keep all foods at least 6" off the floor. Pic rearranged dry storage and relocated boxes to a shelf above the floor