Health Report #106283

Establishment Name: Brookhaven Manor
Report Date: 09/12/2014
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Person in Charge Person-in-charge prep table slicer Not ensuring compliance Asked employee how slicer is cleaned, employee states slicer is disassembled, wiped down with sanitizer, and cleaned with soap and water. Temporarily corrected by educating employee that slicer is to - be disassembled, debris removed from slicer, washed in soapy water, rinsed with clean water, sanitized with sanitizer, and allowed to air dry. To correct pic shall retrain employees in food safety as related to their duties, that is how to the properly clean slicer.
Critical Separation Poisonous/toxic material(s) prep table Not separated from Food Found a spray bottle of quat sanitizer on the corner of the prep table where food was being prepared. Found 2 bottles of hand sanitizer stored on shelf next to lemon extract and above baking supplies (sprinkles and sugar). Pic corrected by placing spray bottle of quat in the mop closet and move hand sanitizer to chemical storage area. Pic has been instructed to monitor and ensure chemicals are not stored next to or above food.
Critical Ready-to-Eat, Potentially Haza In house prepared ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food(s) walk in cooler shelf Without date of consumption marking Found ready to eat (rte), time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, 2 large pieces of cut watermelon in the walk in cooler without 7 day (day cut + 6 days) datemark. Found rte, tcs food a container of coleslaw which can last 2 days without 7 day datemark in the 1 door reach in cooler. Pic corrected by providing 7 day datemarks, and has been instructed to monitor and ensure employees are datemarking rte, tcs food that last more than 24 hours.
Normal Cleaning Ventilation Systems, Ventilation system exhaust air ducts dishwashing area hood Not clean Found dusty build up in the duct of the dishwashing machine. To correct clean ducts.
Normal Covering Receptacles Waste container(s)/container(s) outside dumpsters dumpster Not covered Found the lids and doors of dumpster not closed. To correct close dumpsters after each use.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri Physical facilities/structures floors floor With accumulation of debris Found the floor (under equipment, edges and corners) in the entire facility (kitchen, dishwashing area, storage areas) soiled with accumulation of debris and build up. To correct thoroughly clean floors and clean on a more frequent schedule. Found the mop closet door soiled with splash and build up. To correct clean door and keep clean.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment wait station cooler In poor repair Found the 2 door under the counter cooler in the dining area not working. To correct repair/replace cooler to hold tcs food at 41°F. Found shelf in the 2 door prep top cooler on the cooking line rusty. To correct either recoat shelf or replace shelf.
Normal Warewashing Equipment, Cleanin Warewashing equipment dishmachine Dishwashing machine Not cleaned Observed lime build up in the upper parts of the dishwashing machine. To correct delime dishwashing machine.
Normal Repairing Physical facilities Wall(s) dishwashing area wall In poor repair Found the wall under the 3 compartment sink and dishwashing area damaged with uneven surfaces. Found tiled coving behind the ice cream freezer damaged and missing. To correct repair wall and coving to be smooth and cleanable.
Normal Nonfood-Contact Surfaces Nonfood contact surface(s) prep table shelf utensil storage bin Soiled Found the shelves and bottom of utensil storage bins soiled with accumulation of debris. Found the door gaskets of coolers, interior and exterior of cooking equipment soiled with accumulation. Found the mixer guard and surrounding areas of the mixer soiled with accumulation of debris. To correct clean all noted areas and clean on a more frequent schedule.