Health Report #104825

Establishment Name: Taqueria La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
Report Date: 09/18/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Hot and cold holding Cold food item(s) cooking/preparation area cooler Stored above 41 degrees F Found time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, sauces 47°F, shredded cheese 47°F, and diced tomatoes 47°F in the top portion, and cooked mushrooms 47°F in the bottom portion of the 1 door prep top cooler. Pic states cooler was recently cleaned and thermostat was probably moved as it was on the low range. Pic temporarily corrected by turning thermostat to a colder setting, and discarded all tcs food. Pic has been instructed not to use this cooler until repaired/replaced to hold tcs food at 41°F or lower. ,
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment cooking/preparation area cooler In poor repair Found the 1 door prep top cooler not holding tcs food at 41°F or lower. To correct repair/replace cooler to hold tcs food at 41°F.
Normal Cooling methods Food item(s) cooled N/A Improperly Covered Found recently made ground beef 60°F in covered containers in the 3 door reach in cooler. Pic corrected by placing ground beef in a shallow pan and then on the top shelf of the freezer. Pic has been reminded that tcs food must be cooled from 135°F to 70°F in 2 hours and then from 70°F to 41°F in 2 hours.