Health Report #103952

Establishment Name: Golden Wall
Report Date: 03/29/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Package Integrity Food package(s) Cans N/A Dented, dented on seam or swollen Found numerous dented cans on the ready to use shelf in the basement storage area. Pic corrected by placing dented cans in a box for return to supplier.
Critical Using a Handwashing Sink Handwashing sink(s) hand sink Not easily accessible Found the handsink in the corner by the 3 compartment sink blocked with dishracks and other utensils. Found the handsink in the prep table blocked with cleaning utensils and mop bucket. To correct relocate items and keep handsinks easily accessible at all times.
Critical Conditions of Use Poisonous/toxic material(s) floor Not used according to manufacturer's label instructions Found a container of household pesticide in the basement floor. To correct remove pesticide from facility and if desired use only pesticides stating can be used in a food establishment.
Critical Equipment, Food-Contact Surfac Food-contact surface(s) Equipment can openers prep table can opener With accumulation of debris Found the can opener blade soiled with accumulation and the gear/wheel on can opener soiled with accumulation of metal particles. Found the surfaces of plastic tub holding broccoli soiled with accumulation. Pic corrected by taking can opener and tub to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized.
Normal Food Storage Food item(s) in storage floor Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor Found an opened bag of flour stored on the basement floor. Pic corrected by pouring flour into bulk storage container.
Normal Repairing Physical facilities Floor(s) N/A In poor repair Cracked Found cracked and loose floor tile in the kitchen area. Found damaged tile and missing tile in the kitchen and basement ceiling tile. To correct properly repair floor and ceiling.
Normal Thawing Frozen food(s) for thawing three compartment sink Stored above 41 degrees F thawed or partially thawed At room temperature Found frozen chicken thawing in the 3 compartment sink. Pic corrected by thawing chicken under running water.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri Physical facilities/structures floors cooking/preparation area floor Not clean Found the ceiling surrounding the cooking exhaust hood soiled with build up. Found the floor (under equipment, edges and corners) in the entire kitchen and basement soiled with accumulation and build up. To correct thoroughly clean noted areas and clean on a schedule to preclude accumulation.
Normal Equipment, Utensils, Linens, a Single-service/single-use article(s) prep table utensil storage bin Stored with food-contact portion exposed Found single use utensils (spoons and forks) stored in the storage utensil bin jumbled and mixed. To correct store utensils either with handles up or with handles in a single direction to minimize contamination.
Normal Nonfood-Contact Surfaces Nonfood contact surface(s) prep area freezer Soiled Found the door gaskets,shelf racks and bottoms of coolers and freezers soiled with accumulation of debris. Found the interior of microwave oven soiled with splash and accumulation. Found the exterior sides of cooking equipment soiled with build up. Found the top of the cooking hood and air vents of the make up air unit soiled with accumulation and build up. To correct clean all noted items and clean on a schedule to preclude accumulation.