Health Report #103268

Establishment Name: Madras Masala
Report Date: 05/08/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Separation, Packaging, & Segre Raw animal food(s) walk in cooler shelf Stored over/next to Ready-to-eat food(s) Observed box and flats of raw shell eggs on shelf in wic directly above packages of rte soft shell tortillas. All raw animal products must be stored below and away from all rte foods at all times to protect from possible cross contamination. Pic corrected by relocating eggs to bottom shelf at time of inspection. Critical corrected
Critical Hot and cold holding Hot food item(s) buffet line Stored below 135 degrees F Observed pan of rte tandoori chicken on buffet in dining room with an internal food temperature ranging from 101-108f. All other hot foods on buffet hot holding at 140f or more. All potentially hazardous rte foods must be hot held at 135f or more at all times. Staff stated correct cooking temps of chicken, but appears chicken may have been left out at room temperature after cooking this morning. Pic corrected by discarding chicken at time of inspection. Critical corrected. Other backup pans of chicken were hot holding on grill at 140f or more
Normal Repairing Physical facilities Wall(s) prep area In poor repair broken Observed several walls, shelves and coving in upstairs prep and dishwashing areas and floors in dry storage room in basement in poor repair. To correct, please repair/replace as soon as possible so all surfaces are smooth and cleanable
Normal Light Bulbs, Protective Shield Light shielding dry storage area Not provided Observed no light shields on lights in both dry storage areas in basement. To correct, please replace missing light shields as soon as possible
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment components walk in cooler door gasket broken Observed wic door gasket broken and hanging. To correct please replace as soon as possible. , observed ice machine discharge line leaking in back of machine. As a result, water is leaking through floor into basement. To correct, please repair as soon as possible
Normal Lighting, Intensity Lighting intensity at work levels dry storage area Less than 10 foot candles Observed no lights in one of the basement dry storage rooms (both bulbs burned out). To correct, please replace missing bulbs as soon as possible
Normal Miscellaneous Sources Food dry storage area shelf Not protected From contamination Observed water leaking (clear water from upstairs ice machine) onto sealed gallon containers of vinegar and food coloring in basement dry storage area. All food must be protected from sources of contamination at all times. To correct, please relocate food to approved location as soon as possible
Normal Handwashing Sink, Installation Handwashing facility front cooking area handsink Lack of hot water Observed lack of hot water at handsink in dining room area (near pop machine/front counter). To correct, please repair as soon as possible
Normal Food storage Food item(s) in storage walk in cooler floor Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor Observed 2 uncovered pans of chicken/marinade stored on wic floor. All food must be stored in a clean, dry location and stored a minimum of 6 inches off of floor at all times to protect from sources of contamination
Normal Equipment, Cleaning Frequency Warewashing equipment dishmachine Dishwashing machine basket Not cleaned Through out the day as necessary Observed food catch basket under dishmachine with a heavy accumulation of food debris. To correct, please empty and clean catch basket now and on a more frequent schedule
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system Drain line(s) drain lines Not maintained Observed leaking drain lines (from upstairs sinks) in basement causing water to accumulate on basement floor (currently have trash can collecting water). To correct, please repair as soon as possible.
Normal Unnecessary Items and Litter Unnecessary item(s) old/broken equipment throughout entire facility Not removed from facility Observed old equipment, wood, and general clutter located in several basement storage rooms. In one storage room, wood is piled from floor to ceiling creating a possible fire hazard and insect/rodent harborage conditions. To correct, please remove all unnecessary items from facility as soon as possible