Health Report #103235

Establishment Name: Broken Egg
Report Date: 09/28/2012
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Ready-to-Eat Food, Date Markin Commercially processed ready to eat potentially hazardous food(s) cooking/preparation area cooler Without date of consumption marking Found ready to eat (rte), time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, feta cheese, ham, turkey and tuna salad in the coolers on the cooking/prep area without 7 day (day opened/prepared + 6 days) datemarks. Pic corrected by providing 7 day datemarks for all noted items, and has been instructed to monitor and ensure employees are datemarking appropriate items.
Critical Backflow prevention Backflow/backsiphonage prevention device(s) Air gap ice machine drain lines Not provided on Ice machine Found the drain lines of the ice machine draining into floor drain receptacle without air gap. To correct provide an air gap of at least 1 inch from the drain line and the rim of the floor drain.
Critical Hot and cold holding Hot food item(s) cooking area grill area Stored below 135 degrees F Found hot time/temperature control for safety (tcs) food, onion soup 115°F, corn chowder 125°F, and chili 125°F in the hot holding well. Pic corrected by reheating noted items to 165°F and held items hot on grill top at 135°F. Pic states hot holding well may not have been filled with enough water and added more hot water. Pic has been instructed to monitor and ensure food items are heated properly and held at 135°F and above. Found hot tcs food sausage 110°F in a container on top of an egg crate on the grill. Pic corrected by reheating sausage to 165°F and held sausage on grill without egg crate. Pic has been instructed to monitor and ensure raw sausage is cooked to at least 155°F for 15 seconds and held at 135°F or above. Found cold tcs food sliced sausage 60°F and chorizo sausage 70°F in the bottom of the 2 door prep top cooler. Employee states these items may have been left out during busy times as other items in cooler were at 41°F. Pic corrected by discarding these items and has been instructed to place items back in cooler after each use. Found cold tcs food a gallon of milk 47°F in the 2 door sliding glass cooler in the waitstation. Pic temporarily corrected by discarding milk, and adjusted cooler to a colder setting. Pic has been instructed to monitor and ensure cold tcs food is held at 41°F or lower.
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment walk in cooler door(s) In poor repair Found the glass sliding door cooler in the wait station not holding tcs food at 41°F. To correct repair/replace cooler to hold tcs food at 41°F. Found no emergency door release on the walk in cooler doors. To correct provide emergency door release on walk in cooler. Pic states she is looking for door release parts.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures floors cooking area floor With accumulation of debris Found the floor under equipment and edges soiled with accumulation of debris. To correct thoroughly clean floors and keep clean.
Normal Storing Equip./Uten./Lin./Sing Single-service/single-use article(s) storage area floor Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor Found cases of single use utensils stored on the floor of the basement storage area. To correct store utensils on shelf at least 6 inches off the floor.
Normal Duties of Person in Charge Person-in-charge prep area slicer Not ensuring compliance Observed employee cleaning slicer and asked how slicer is cleaned. Employee states slicer is broken down and wiped down with sanitizer water. Temporarily corrected by educating employee that slicer is broken down, washed with soapy water, rinsed with clean water, and wiped down with sanitizer. To correct monitor and ensure employees are cleaning slicer properly and re-train as needed.
Normal System Maintained in Good Repa Plumbing system basement drain lines Not maintained Found no hot water flowing from the faucet in the kitchen cooking/prep area. Pic states a new faucet and handsink have been ordered and it should be installed within a week. Pic called contractor who verified on phone handsink and faucet was ordered and scheduled to be installed next week. To correct provide and install working faucet in handsink that provides hot and cold water for proper handwashing. Note: another functioning handsink in the back area, was available for employees to wash their hands. Found the hose bibb vacuum breaker that was attached to the basement utility sink on the side of the sink not attached to hose bibb. To correct reinstall hose bibb vacuum breaker to faucet.