Health Report #102585

Establishment Name: Good Time Charleys
Report Date: 07/09/2013
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Manual and Mechanical Warewash Chlorine solution concentration N/A Below 25 ppm At the mechanical dishwashing machine observed the residual chlorine concentration of the final rinse at 0 ppm. The sanitizer reservoir is full and the tubing is properly routed. Sanitizer pumped out during the rinse cycle. The unit was put out of service. A maintenance contractor was called to repair the machine. ***until the unit is repaired, all dishwashing must occur using the three compartment sink by properly washing, rinsing, and sanitizing*** correct by repairing the machine with in 10 days. A followup inspection will be conducted. ,
Normal Good Repair and Proper Adjustm Equipment N/A In poor repair Observed the following equipment in need of repair: 1. In the prep area three comp sink observed the compartment nearest the handsink with broken equipment attached. Correct by removing the kewanee brand device and cover the hole left in the sink so it is smooth and easily cleanable. 2. Door gaskets on several reach in coolers in the kitchen are split. Correct by inspecting each reach in cooler and replacing split and worn door gaskets.
Normal Repairing Physical facilities N/A In poor repair The following areas are in need of repair/replacement: 1. At the btb prep area observed the walls and ceiling to have peeling paint and crumbling drywall. 2. At the prep area above the prep sink observed the ceiling with holes and crumbling drywall. 3. Observed missing base cove moulding at various locations in the kitchen. Correct each item by repairing or replacing the affected item. These are repeat violations
Normal Cleaning, Frequency and Restri Physical facilities/structures N/A Not clean Observed areas #1-4 with a heavy accumulation of grease and/or food debris: 1) the walls and ceilings at the dough food prep area 2) the floor under the pizza oven 3) the floor under the food prep units on the cook line 4) the floor under and behind the food prep area three comp sink 5) the walls at the dishwashing area are covered with a black residue. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of food debris and grease