Health Report #102525

Establishment Name: Burger King # 4187
Report Date: 08/11/2011
Violation Type Violation Category Violation Items Violation Locations Violation Problems Violation Comments
Critical Hot and cold holding Cold food item(s) N/A Stored above 41 degrees F Observed the shake mix in the top refrigerated hopper of the shake machine to be at 45 to 47f. Corrected by discarding this shake mix
Critical Food Contact Surfaces and Uten Food-contact surface(s) N/A In poor repair Cracked, Not easily cleanable 1) observed several areas of the ice transfer pail (on the bottom) to be cracked/damaged. Someone repaired this pail with clear tape. Once a food contact surface like this is damaged it cannot be properly repaired to be smooth and easily cleanable. The tape can trap debris and moisture allowing for bacterial growth. Purchase a new ice pail. 2) observed an interior portion of the ice making machine (white plastic liner) to have a piece missing, thus, exposing the insulation. Water used to make ice is flowing across this un-cleanable surface. Replace the ice machine
Critical Time as a Public Health Contro Time controlled food(s) N/A Without time control mark, With improper time control mark Observed the time control mark for the chicken fries to still be reading 12:30 pm at around 2:15 pm. One employee indicated new chicken fries were cooked at approximately 1:30 and the discard time was not updated. Corrected by discarding the chicken fries, cooking a new batch and providing a new one hour hold time. Observed a bag of lettuce on a shelf below the sandwich make line without a use-by time. Corrected by providing a use-by time based upon when the lettuce was pulled from the refrigerator. Ensure staff are providing accurate use-by times for potentially hazardous foods that are not being held under proper temperature control
Critical Safe/Unadult./Honestly Present Food N/A Adulterated/contaminated Ice machine/ice bin: observed unclean water dripping down onto the ice from the top portion of the ice bin through an unsealed joint between the ice bin top cover and the front of the ice bin. The ice machine was turned off and staff were going to discard the ice, thoroughly clean and sanitize the contaminated areas prior to reassembling the ice bin yet today. The original source of the water was the inverted ice transfer pail. If this ice pail is going to be stored above the ice bin it needs to be on a clean and sanitized surface such as a tray so the moisture is collected and not allowed to seep into the ice bin. Ensure the joints/seams at the top of the ice bin are thoroughly sealed
Normal Miscellaneous Sources Food N/A Not protected From contamination Observed the racks of hamburger buns (wrapped in bags) stored adjacent to the back kitchen hand washing sink. The bags are being splattered when staff are washing their hands. Relocate these racks of buns away from the sink to prevent accidental contamination
Normal Prerequisite for operation N/A N/A N/A The ownership of this establishment recently changed. The owner or their representative must submit a license application and the applicable license fees to this office by the close of business on 8-12-11
Normal Repairing Physical facilities Floor(s) N/A In poor repair Observed missing/worn tile grout located under the soda system ice bin at the drive through station. After cleaning and drying this area provide a new layer of grout to prevent debris and moisture build-up
Normal Cooling, Heating, and Holding Equipment cold holding N/A Inadequate Repair as needed the shake machine so it maintains the shake mix at 41f or below.
Normal Cleaning, Frequency/Restrictio Physical facilities/structures floors N/A With accumulation of debris 1) observed the floor located under the drive through soda station ice bin to be in need of cleaning. 2) the floor sink located under the ice machine is in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future