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Health Report - 06/08/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Two door upright cooler: observed two, stacked tubs of chicken flavored corn masa prepared the previous afternoon to still be 58 to 70f today at 9:30 am. Corrected by discarding this food.

Observed a potentially hazardous food that was improperly cooled in thick layers in two plastic tubs stacked on top of each other at the bottom of the two door refrigerator. Rapidly cool your bulk, hot foods in shallow metal containers, uncovered on the top shelf of your coolers. Frequent stirring and multiple ice wands during the cooling process will expedite the process. Cooling charts were provided with this report so staff can track the cooling progress of these foods

Observed a large bulk container of previously cooked and frozen black beans setting out thawing at room temperature. The beans were found to be below 41f. Per staff, these beans will be placed in a stock pot shortly and reheated.

Observed the receiving plumbing for the three compartment sink drain line to be in need of cleaning now and more regularly in the future to eliminate the build-up of food debris

Observed the vertical shaft of the floor mixer (the shaft that the attachments connect to) to have excess oil residue on it. Thoroughly clean this shaft regularly

Observed a wastewater drain line leak under the three compartment sink. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak

Health Report - 11/30/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two, 1. 5 dozen containers of raw, in-shell eggs to be stored in the two-door reach in cooler above cooked chicken, citrus, etc. Corrected by relocating the eggs to the very bottom of the cooler

Observed a connection leaking on the utility tub sink waste water drain pipe

Observed the following areas to be unclean: the drain for the three compartment sink, the floor behind the large floor mixer, the floor under the upright one door freezer. Please clean these areas now and more frequently in the future

Observed a very small number of fruit/vinegar flies (4 to 6) in the establishment. Ensure inspections are performed to identify the presence of any pests so appropriate measures are taken to eliminate them

The area around the hand washing sink faucet (and the knobs) has debris build-up that needs cleaning at this time. Please clean this area regularly

Observed the sanitizer solution for the wiping cloths to be too weak (just barely a color change on the chlorine test papers). Corrected by adding additional chlorine to prove +/-75 ppm

Although some components to the utility sink faucet were replaced, there is still only an atmospheric vacuum breaker installed between the mop sink faucet and the hose/spray nozzle (containing a shut off valve). The existing vacuum breaker is not compatible with any down-stream shut off valves. Please either: 1) remove the spray nozzle, 2) disconnect the hose from the faucet after each use (consider installing a quick disconnect connector), or 3) replace the spray nozzle with a "driveway sweep" nozzle or another spray head without a shut-off valve

Health Report - 06/03/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a full bus tub of black bean masa in the two door upright cooler at the bottom of a stack of food containers made the previous day to still be at 51f in the center. Corrected by discarding this food. Ensure your bulk hot foods are cooled within the required time and temperature parameters

Provide me with brenda white's food safety certification details

Observed bulk hot foods that are being cooled in large quantities in covered plastic bus tubs stacked on each other inside the two door upright cooler. Add additional wire rack shelves to this cooler so the food containers are not stacked on each other, leave the containers uncovered during the cooling process, use twice as many containers (metal) to rapidly cool your bulk, hot foods. Periodic stirring will greatly reduce the cooling time as well

Observed an atmospheric hose connection vacuum breaker installed between the mop sink faucet and a hose with a spray nozzle attached at the end. The vacuum breaker installed is not compatible with any down-stream shut off valves. Please either: 1) remove the spray nozzle, 2) disconnect the hose from the faucet after each use, or 3) replace the spray nozzle with a "driveway sweep" nozzle (they don't contain a shut-off valve) if you need the narrow stream of higher pressure water.

Please locate and post the current food service license for this facility

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Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning: the area around and behind the hand washing sink faucet, the drain line for the three compartment dish washing sink, and behind the chest freezer

The packaged vegetarian tamale labels still do not contain the required information. Please revise your labels per the mda labeling guidance document previously provided to you. Please send me a draft copy prior to printing the revised labels

Observed an opened bag of dry black beans stored on the floor between the refrigerator and the chest freezer

The white ge upright freezer and the white frigidaire chest freezer are not elevated on 6" high legs nor are they provided with castor wheels to facilitate proper cleaning under these units. Provide either legs or castor wheels for these two units

Observed the three door freezer to only be maintaining an air temperature of 30-32f. Some foods were still frozen and others were thawed (or never reached freezing temperature for recently added food items). Provide necessary maintenance on this unit to ensure it keeps foods frozen

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