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100 Briarwood Circle
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 03/07/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

A utensil storage bin was observed dirty. Need to keep clean. Suggest using a bin with a lid on it. Corrected by cleaning bin and utensils.

You need to find out where there is a mop sink within the mall to dispose of your dirty mop water.

Boxed product was stored on floor in storage room. Keep on shelves at least 6" above floor.

You need to put up a mop holder and be sure to hang up mop between uses to facilitate rapid drying.

Store plasticware with handles all on same direction.

Keep thermometers in all coolers and be sure to take temps of all coolers on a daily basis. Suggest using cooler charts i left you!

You need to paint the raw plywood storage shelves in the store room.