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Health Report - 07/29/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed several cans that had dents on the seems of the cans. Staff must be pulling dented cans and placing in an area labelled for return of dented cans. Corrected by doing so.

(Critical) All product on the top rail in the cooler on the right side prep unit were at 49*f. Unit seems to be working properly and it appears that staff did not stock pans of food into this unit right after pulling product out of wic on speed racks. It was also observed that the prep person pulled quesadilla ingredients out of cooler and did not prep right away. Product was found at 59*f. It is crucial that staff do one thing at a time and not leave foods out of refrigeration except for very short periods of time. Managers must be supervising staff for safe work habits. Product was discarded and corrected through supervision.

(Critical) A pan of raw chicken was found stored directly next to a pan of sandwiches in the top drawer of the coolers on the main line. Raw meats need to be stored on bottom levels and never directly next to ready to eat foods. Corrected by moving chicken to bottom drawers.

Post signs reminding employees to wash hands in the restrooms.

Mops were left in mop buckets. Staff need to be hanging them up to aid in the drying of the mop heads.

The salad prep cooler at the expo/server area needs to be serviced. It is holding product at 44*f. Must be holding under 41*f. Service to be done today. Fax over copy of invoice from refrig. Technician.

Repeated violation 3 times in a row!!! why is am i still seeing this? staff are still using cloth towels under cutting boards and not th esupplied board stablizers. Pic's must be correcting staff behaviors.

The exhaust fan in not working over the rear stove/ovens. Do not use until repaired. Also, replace all of the loose floor tiles by the floor drain at the bar.

Foods need to be kept covered.

Please work on cleaning your store in hard to reach places as you are attracting drain flies. Pay particular attention to the areas around the mop sink. There should be no standing water in that area and keep sink basin clean. Also, clean the floor drain crocks better. The floor in the keg cooler needs to be cleaned more often.

Health Report - 01/29/2009 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed the dishwasher person handle dirty tableware and not wash hands before handling clean ware. Staff must be held accountable to wash hands when they are dirty before handling clean kitchenware. Corrected through training and manager holding accountable.

(Critical) Observed a gallon of degreaser stored on top of the ice machine by the mop sink. Store toxic items in a safe manner away from food and food contact items. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) Observed the bar tender bare hand contact drink garnishes. Must use a barrier such as a glove or tongs. Corrected by store manager implementing no bare hand contact policy.

(Critical) The ice scoop was found stored in visibally dirty water in the scoop holder. Also, the soda nozzles and cup drains were visually dirty. You need to be cleaning every 24 hours. Corrected on site by cleaning.

The drain line out of the ice shaver unit at the bar must be permanently air gapped within 10 days. I will be back to check on this.

You cannot store dirty beverage bottles in the dishroom where cleaned kitchenware is.

Replace the cracked ice scoop holder and the chipped ice totes.

Utensil storage bins were observed with dirty. Also, clean storage containers under the ream prep table were visually dirty. Need to store things in a manner that will protect from debris and clean as needed. Corrected.

Repeat violation 2 times. Do not store utensils in sanitizer water. Use one of the above approved methods.

You need to put light shields and end caps on the lights in the beer and wine coolers at the bar.

Please clean the floors at the back stove/oven area more often. Also, the drain lines and floor drain basins need to be cleaned more often under the triple sink in the rear prep area.

Repeat violtion 2 times. A coat and purse were stored on a food storage rack by the break room. Hang coat on rack in break room and keep purses in there as well.

The bar handsink was obstructed by an electrical cord and a drain line out of the ice shaver unit. Re-arrange the area so the handsink is easily accessible.

There is a drip coming into the delfield upright dessert cooler that needs to be repaired. Do not store any food directly under this drip. Also, repair the leak coming out from the ice bin on the left side in the server area.

There were no paper towels stocked at the bar handsink. I need you to install a paper towel dispenser at this sink.

Repeat violation 2 times. Staff are still using cloth towels as board stabilizers. Obtain approved board stabilizers.

Install a self closing fixture on the employee restroom door.

You need to sand down most of the cutting boards to eliminate the grooves in them.