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Health Report - 09/29/2009 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the two front counter floor drains/sinks to be in need of cleaning at this time (from the dipper well and from the three compartment sink) to remove accumulated food debris

Observed the interior of the dipper well (including the stainless steel partition) to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequent cleaning in the future. Corrected by cleaning

Health Report - 04/06/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a spray can of house-hold use only ant & roach spray in the base cabinet near the hand washing sink. Corrected by removing the spray from the establishment. In the future, if the need arises, only purchase and use insecticides that are approved for application in restaurants/commercial kitchens and according to the manufacturer's use label. Commercial restaurant suppliers or pest control contractors can be contacted for this type of product

(Critical) Observed some deli ham (previously frozen) that was marked with longer than a 6 day shelf life--marked with a use-by date of 4-13 (foods frozen on the day the original package was opened have one less day once they are thawed). The owner could not specifically recall when the ham was defrosted. Also, observed an opened small container of coffee cream with a 7 day use-by date of 4-4 in the small one door refrigerator at the coffee station. Both corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed the air gap on the three compartment sink drain line to have been eliminated by installing a rubber fitting and a pvc extension pipe. Temporarily corrected by removing this extension. Please have this drain pipe termination reconfigured to discharge more in the center of the receiving basin to minimize splashing (the vertical air gap height above the receiving basin flood level must be equal to 2x the discharge pipe diameter)

Observed a couple soups prepared early this morning that were cooling down in the sliding door cooler with covers on them. During the cooling process please keep your food containers vented (cover off) and on the top shelf of the cooler to expedite the cooling process. Frequent stirring of these soups has a big impact on how quickly they cool as well.

Observed a small tray/box of jumbled white plastic spoons at the counter near the coffee station and the beverage blenders. Please organize these spoons so the handles are all in the same direction for dispensing.