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Health Report - 05/29/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Inside the walk in cooler observed several bins of the following house made foods without proper datemarking: 1. Egg rolls 2. Chicken 3. Pork pic corrected during inspection by providing proper datemarking. All house made items shall be datemarked as outlined above

Observed several 2-3 pound packages of frozen ground pork thawing on a sheet tray at room temperature. Observed several pounds of frozen shrimp thawing in standing water. Item corrected during inspection by moving each item to an approved method for thawing. All portions of the thawing food products were observed to be below 41 degrees f. All food items shall be thawed as outlined above

Observed the can opener blade to have knicks. Correct by replacing the blade to provide a smooth cutting surface.

At the main cook line observed the filters for the ventilation system with a thick layer of grease, dust, and grime. Some areas have thick dust bunnies which are hanging from the filter and pose a contamination risk to the food being cooked on the wok line. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of grime

The back kitchen delivery door has no threshold sweep causing there to be large gaps under this door. Also, a one inch gap was observed on the strike side of the door. Correct by repairing the door to eliminate the gaps.

Health Report - 10/29/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) In the wic observed the following food items cooling using improper methods: 1. Observed a six inch deep plastic full size hotel tub full of deep fried generals chicken pieces. The temperature of the food is 90 degrees f. 2. Observed a six inch deep plastic half size hotel tub full of cooked dumpling. The temperature of the food is 107 degrees f. 3. Observed three tightly covered six inch deep plastic half size hotel tubs full of cooked noodle. The temperature of the food is 95 degrees f. Pic states each food item finished the cooking process about one and a half to two hours ago. Each item was corrected by dividing the food into uncovered shallow pans for more rapid cooling. Review the approved cooling methods outlined above as discussed during the inspection

Lower than and directly adjacent to the handsink in the kitchen observed a large bowl of rice being soaked. The bowl is subject to splash from handwashing activities at the sink. Pic corrected by relocating the bowl to a clean prep counter.

Sitting on the sideboard of the three compartment sink, observed a 30 inch diameter mixing bowl filled with partially frozen beef. Pic states the beef is thawing for later processing. All parts of the beef are 41 degrees f or lower. Pic corrected by placing the beef into refrigeration. Thaw phf as outlined above

Observed the following areas in need of repair 1. In the kitchen observed several missing ceiling tile 2. At the culinary sink observed the wall to have holes and missing base cove molding 3. At the culinary sink observed the sink to be loose from the wall and the caulk missing where the sink meets the wall correct each item by repairing or replacing as needed

On the cook line next to the bar-b-que observed three tongs and one cleaver stored on an unclean surface. In another area observed two knives stored wedged between the cover and side of the prep top unit. Item corrected by relocating new clean utensils to a clean part of the counter

Observed several cases of single service containers stored directly on the floor or on overturned soda bottle carriers. Correct by relocating the single service containers so they are at least 6 inches off of the floor. The storage shelving shall allow for floor cleaning

Observed the following areas in need of cleaning: 1. Main cook line, floor under the fryers with a 3/8" thick coating of grease and food debris over a four to six square feet area. 2. Dry storage area, floor under shelves with a coating of flour and/or corn starch. 3. Kitchen, several areas where items are stored either on the floor or on immobile storage racks. Correct by relocating these items as described under 4-903. 11 and cleaning the floor. Correct each item by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis.

Observed the following equipment with a thick accumulation of grease and grime: 1. The sides of the walk table 2. Sides of the deep fryer 3. Gas supply plumbing correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of debris

Observed food in several locations stored not protected: 1. Observed three five gallon buckets of rice spice stored on the floor in front of the bar-b-que. 2. Observed 10 35 lbs oil containers stored directly on the floor. 3. In the wic observed several tubs of food on the floor 4. In the wic cooler observed several tubs of food stored without covers. Correct by relocating the food containers so they are covered and at least 6 inches off of the floor. The storage shelving shall allow for floor cleaning

Health Report - 04/17/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) staff were thawing beef in a container inside the dish washing sink basin. The drain for this basin is directly plumbed to the grease trap. Corrected by relocating this food to the middle basin of the three compartment sink. This sink drain terminates with an air gap above the flood rim of the receiving basin. 2) the plumbing drain line was replaced on the single basin food prep sink. This drain line no longer terminates with the required air gap. A black marker line indicates the height at which the drain line needs to be cut

(Critical) Several tubs of potentially hazardous foods were stored out on counters for a short time at slightly elevated temperatures. These foods were relocated to the refrigerator. This operation must purchase at least a one door prep top cooler so these foods can be kept refrigerated during your busy lunch time. 2) a tub of cut cabbage was found to be at 60f out on the counter. Additionally a small amount of pork fried rice was found sitting out on a shelf above the cook line at 80f. These foods were both discarded

(Critical) 1) again some scoops made out of plastic one gallon containers were found in the kitchen. These scoops are not easily cleanable. Corrected by discarding these scoops. Instruct all employees to not make any more of these difficult to clean scoops. Purchase additional commercial scoops as needed. 2) observed a cardboard box that to-go food containers were shipped in to be used for storing deep fried crispy noodles. Corrected by transferring these noodles to two large plastic containers

The water distribution bar in the ice making machine is in need of cleaning at this time

The left cover of the trash dumpster is propped open. Keep the dumpsters closed to prevent the entry of pests

The floor under the chinese cooking range, the deep fryers and under the kitchen island are in need of cleaning to remove spilled items and oil accumulation

Observed the possibility of food contamination. Staff are using the fiber paper egg dividers to place deep fried egg rolls on after cooking to soak up extra oil. These egg grates/dividers could have bacterial contamination on them. Discontinue the use of these egg dividers. Corrected by providing a shallow 1/2 pan with paper towel in the bottom

Observed two rice scoops for the servers to be stored in a metal pan of warm water. Provide a hot holding device to keep the water at 135f or above

1) several food containers in the walk in cooler were not covered. Provide protection for these foods in storage (covers or plastic wrap). 2) a box containing crispy noodles was stored on the floor. Corrected by storing off of the floor

Staff are re-using foam clam shell containers to store crab rangoons in the refrigerator. These items are for single use only. Ensure these items are recycled or discarded after thier first use

Health Report - 10/23/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee taking off and saving a pair of single use gloves for re-use later to prevent bare hand contact with a ready to eat food. Corrected by discarding these gloves

(Critical) Observed two small containers of raw chicken stored above ready to eat foods such as lettuce and green beans in the one door coke cooler in the kitchen. Corrected by relocating the raw chicken to the bottom of the refrigerator

(Critical) Observed a significant amount of mouse feces on the floor in the back corner of the dry storage area. Thoroughly clean this area and un-package some of the mouse sticky boards you have and place on either side of the back door and other appropriate areas to monitor for mouse activity

The bottom of the back kitchen delivery door is deteriorated (rotten wood and rusted metal). Repair or replace this door as needed

Observed an old computer and monitor, a broken deep fryer and a broken bench grinder in the facility. Remove these non-working/unnecessary items from the facility

Server station: the drain under the base cabinet is over-due for cleaning (ice machine and soda system drain here). Kitchen: the floor drain grates need to be cleaned dry storage room: the floor needs cleaning

A large bowl of cut up chicken pieces were found thawing under running water in the food prep sink. The chicken temperature had risen above 41f. Ensure staff are regularly checking foods that are thawing to remove them for cooking or cold storage once thawed. Corrected by removing the chicken from the water and placing in the walk in cooler

Observed a container of wiping cloths stored in water without any sanitizer remaining in it. Corrected by adding some bleach to provide 50-75 ppm chlorine.

Cardboard and brown paper are being used as a shelf liner at the cooking area. These surfaces are not cleanable and absorb moisture. Discard these items and clean the stainless steel shelves regularly

Cook line area: observed several stacks of single service to-go containers/lids to be stored upright. Corrected by inverting these items for protection

The back kitchen delivery door has a damaged door sweep causing there to be large gaps under this door. Provide a new door sweep

The drain line for the server area hand washing sink is leaking again. Repair the drain line as needed to eliminate the leak

The walk in cooler and dry goods storage shelves are in need of cleaning to remove build-up

Upon arrival, a large tub containing pork ribs were stored on the kitchen floor. Also, several foods were stored on the walk in cooler floor. For protection, all foods must be kept off of the floor. Provide a rolling cart or shelving unit for the walk in cooler to provide additional storage space in the walk in cooler

Health Report - 04/04/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a bag of onions stored on the bottom shelf of a prep counter in the back kitchen touching bottles of soap and chlorine sanitizer. Corrected by removing the onions from this chemical storage area

(Critical) Observed multiple food tubs and metal food pans stored on a shelf above the three compartment sink. Corrected by pre-cleaning and re-washing these items.

(Critical) Observed a severely dented can of sauce on the back storage shelf that was not relocated to the dented can storage area. Corrected by removing from the shelving unit and marking "do not use" on the can. This can will be held in a separate area for return credit

(Critical) Cologne from a cook was found stored on the same shelf above the cook line prep top cooler. Corrected by relocating this chemical away from food, equipment and single service items

A) observed foods (peanuts, cashews, corn starch, etc. ) on the cook line area cart to be left uncovered over night. Ensure these foods are protected from possible contamination/pests by covering them at the end of your work day. B) observed trays of meat, a plastic tub of fish, a box of wonton skins and sausage, and a large bowl of bbq meat on the walk in cooler floor. Store your foods on shelving in the walk in cooler only. Consider purchasing and using a wheeled rack to place trays on in the center of the walk in cooler

A) observed the interior of the ice making machine to be over-due for cleaning. Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize per the manufacturer's instructions. B) observed the tea pots at the server beverage station to be only rinsed out (discolored water in the bottom of several). Ensure these pots are run through the dish washing machine at the end of the night

Observed multiple plastic tubs and metal pans stored on a shelf above the three compartment sink to be stacked prior to fully air drying. Ensure staff are air drying these items prior to stacking them

Walk in cooler: observed the cooling system, including the fan guards, the shelving in the cooler, and on a few glass containers for hot sauce to have mold growth on them. Thoroughly clean and sanitize these surfaces to eliminate the mold

The floor under the cabinet at the server beverage station is due for cleaning to remove spilled food, broken dishes, paper, etc

Observed two open employee drinking cups on the shelf above the prep top cooler with and above food on the cooking line. Corrected by removing these cups from the area. The owner will ensure staff are only drinking out of covered cups/mugs in the future

Provide a small trash can at your server beverage station hand washing sink to through away paper towel

The waste water drain line is still leaking at the server beverage station. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak

Observed the exhaust hood filters at the cook line to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future than the current one time per month

Observed excessive spilled food (soups/sauces) between the steam table and the cabinet next to it. Pull out this cabinet and thoroughly clean these surfaces

Observed multiple employee coats stored hanging on kitchen storage shelve posts or stored on the shelves directly. All employee belongings (coats/purses, etc. ) must not be stored with food, clean equipment or single service/use items. Designate a specific area where employees can store coats, etc. That is away from food, equipment and s. S. Items

Health Report - 10/11/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a large bowl of small chicken pieces to be thawing in standing wate in the food prep sink. The chicken was at 36f (a safe temperature), however, the food code requires the water to be running during the thawing process. Corrected by turning on the water

Observed some oil droplets that have formed on the bottom edge of the hood filters at the chinese range. After closing/before opening have someone wipe down this area of the hood to prevent oil from dripping. Wipe down these areas as needed in the future to remove oil build-up

Observed the door seals on the upright cooler near the deep fryer (two sliding doors) to be cracked and damaged. Contact the manufacturer or a gasket contractor to provide a replacement set of seals

Health Report - 03/19/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed excessive amounts of breaded chicken (two full tubs), 16 in the shell eggs, a tub of cooked noodles setting out in the kitchen at 63-69f, 70f, and 60f, respectively. These foods were discarded. In the future, ensure you potentially hazardous foods are maintained at 41f or below

(Critical) 1) observed a mixing attachment purchased at a hardware store for mixing up joint compound being used to mix tempura in the kitchen. Stop using this attachment immediately as it is not manufactured to be easily cleanable. Provide a certified food mixing attachment for this purpose. 2) also, two hand-made scoops were created out of the top portions of vinegar bottles. These plastic scoops are not easily cleanable due to the small diameter of the "handle" and the threaded cap, etc. Corrected by discarding these two scoops. Purchase additional commercial food scoops for staff to use

Observed drain line pipes leaking at the following locations: the dining room employee hand washing sink and the back kitchen food prep sink (single basin). Repair as needed to eliminate the water leaking onto the floor

Observed multiple to-go food containers to be stored upright on the top shelf above the hot holding station at the cooking area. Correct by turning these containers upside down

Observed styrofoam to-go containers for wontons being saved and reused to store additional prepared wontons in the refrigerator prior to being cooked. These containers are for one use only. Discontinue this practice by only using the container one time or by storing the prepared wontons in another way (multi-use food container) prior to cooking

1) the soda machine dispensing nozzles and diffusers, and 2) the water distribution tube at the top of the ice making machine need to be cleaned more frequently in the future

Observed the following out of the way floor areas to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor between the cook line cooler and the wall, under the deep fryer, behind the chinese range drain plumbing, the floor drain in front of the walk in cooler and by the water meters in the dry storage area

Dish washing machine: observed some of the openings in the wash arms to be plugged. Remove and clean these washing arms at least nightly

Observed two large bowls of thawing food (chicken and beef) in standing water at the back kitchen sinks. Corrected by turning on the cold water for the chicken and by draining the beef and placing it in the walk in cooler as most of the beef was thawed

Observed cardboard being used as a shelf liner on a bottom shelf at the cooking area. Do not use cardboard as it absorbs moisture and it is not cleanable. Eliminate the cardboard and clean the shelf surface regularly

Sliding door cooler by the deep frying station: 1) the door closer spring is damaged for the right door, and 2) the door seal for the left door is damaged. Repair as needed

Observed a food pot stored in the cooking line hand washing sink basin and a sanitizer bucket stored in the dining room hand washing sink. Corrected by removing these containers. Hand washing sinks must always be empty to facilitate hand washing

Health Report - 09/19/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a nearly full flat of eggs on the bottom shelf at the cook line and a small pan of gravy that were left out all night. These foods were at 75f. Corrected by discarding. In the future, ensure your potentially hazardous foods are kept at a safe temperature (less than 41f or above 135f)

(Critical) Upon arrival (just minutes after employees entered the building in the morning) employees were already busy in the kitchen. Both hand washing sink basins were dry. The owner, also working in the kitchen, was informed of this fact. He indicated the employees washed in the bathroom. When the bathroom sink was checked it was also found to be completely dry. During the inspection, a lack of hand washing by kitchen staff was observed. Staff did not wash their hands after cracking raw shell eggs, after handling unclean dishes prior to putting away clean dishes, etc. Corrected by the owner having staff wash their hands and by the owner educating staff on when to wash

Observed multiple containers stored in front of the back kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by clearing access to the hand washing sink

Observed the wall seal for the mop sink to be deteriorated, and the wall base coving next to the mop sink to be coming off of the wall. Repair/seal these areas to prevent water from seeping into inaccessible areas.

The owner's food safety certification expired on 7-19-2011. Within 90 days the owner or another full time employee needs to obtain the manager level food safety certification

Observed the lever on the paper towel dispenser to be heavily soiled. Maintain your hand washing stations clean to prevent re-contamination of employee hands

Observed the floor drain at the server station (receives wastewater from the ice machine and soda machine) to be in need of cleaning

Observed a few employees rinsing/washing their hands at the three compartment sink

Observed an uncovered container in the back kitchen with empty soda cans for return. Keep this container covered to prevent access by pests

This incident (22424) does not have any more information on it

Again observed bowls and cups being used to dispense foods (flour, uncooked and cooked rice, etc. ). Provide a handled scoop or spoon to dispense your foods in a safe manner. The spoon needs to be stored so the handle is extended above the level of the food

Observed foods stored in an unprotected manner (not covered while in storage) in the following locations: the walk in cooler the dry storage room, and the kitchen. Ensure your foods stay protected by keeping them covered. Observed foods stored on the floor of the walk in freezer. Protect your foods by storing them on your shelves

This incident (57892) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 03/08/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Upon arrival, observed the owner using his bare hands to place several pieces of cooked broccoli into a container of to-go food (he was using his hands to insert the stalk/stem into the space between the rice and the stir-fried entree in the container so the crowns would be extended upward). Corrected by discussing this issue with the owner. He was aware of the requirement to not contact ready to eat foods with bare hands. He indicated he would use tongs for this task in the future

(Critical) 1) upon arrival(approx. 12:50 pm), the back kitchen hand washing sink (one of two in the kitchen) was completely dry. At the time employees were in the back kitchen area washing dishes, and doing misc. Prep work. 2) during the inspection two employees were observed coming in the back door (the owner indicated they were taking out some trash) and immediately began to tidy up the dry storage area (roll up open bags of flour, place lids on the bulk food storage tubs, etc. ). Employees must wash their hands after contaminating them and when switching between tasks. Corrected by the owner instructing employees washing their hands in the hand washing sink

(Critical) Observed the dish washing machine to not be sanitizing properly with chlorine. Corrected by providing a fresh pail of chlorine sanitizer, priming the old and weak sanitizer out of the supply lines and verifying the chlorine concentration in the rinse water at 50-100 ppm

(Critical) Observed multiple potentially hazardous foods (fried rice, cooked noodles, shell eggs, breaded chicken, etc. ) to be stored out on counters. Corrected by relocating these items to refrigerators. Ensure staff keep these foods at proper temperature (<41f)

The bottom edge of the stainless steel panel at the left end of the chinese cook line is not sealed to prevent food/oil from leaking down along the wall. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the areas seal the joint to prevent food and water from leaking down to this un-cleanable area

Observed plastic to-go bowls being used in several locations to dispense foods (uncooked and cooked rice, flour, etc. ). Provide a one-piece handled scoop/spoon to dispense these foods. The utensil must be inserted into the food so it remains above the food

Observed an uncovered pail of a sauce located in the back kitchen adjacent to the hand washing sink. Corrected by covering the pail and relocating it away from the sink

The commercial meat grinder is leaking gear oil. Repair, replace or remove the grinder from the facility (purchase pre-ground pork). If you decide to purchase a replacement grinder provide me the manufacturer name and model number prior to purchase to ensure the unit meets the requirements of the food code

1) several containers of food stored on the floor of the walk in freezer. Elevate all foods off of the floor to protect them better. 2) plates of crispy noodles are placed on all of the dining room tables as well as on a tray in the server station that are uncovered. Please keep these foods covered for protection and only bring the noodles out to a table once your guests are seated.

The interior of the ice making machine and the pepsi dispensing spouts/nozzles are due for cleaning

Observed to-go food containers and lids to be stored upright at the storage shelves at the entry to the kitchen. Corrected by inverting these containers and lids

Observed large gaps at the bottom, sides and top of the back delivery door. Install a new commercial door sweep and door sealing foam/weather stripping to seal out pest and cold air

This incident (22440) does not have any more information on it

Dish washing machine: observed the interior of the dish washing machine and the housing for the food screen on the drain line to be overdue for cleaning. The chinese range: observed the housing around the food screen basket of the waste drain to have a lot of accumulated food and oil debris. Ensure these areas are cleaned nightly.

Observed the following areas to be unclean: all of the kitchen floor sinks, the floor under the cooking line (at the wall), and under the cook line area refrigerators and hot holding equipment. Corrected by staff cleaning these areas

1) multiple jugs of new frying oil and a large bucket of a sauce stored in front of the back kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by relocating these items to make the sink accessible for use. 2) a small metal food portioning pot was observed to be resting in the cook line area hand washing sink basin. Corrected by the owner removing the pot. Equipment is contaminated when it is stored in the hand washing sink. Instruct all staff to not use the two kitchen area hand washing sinks for anything but hand washing

This incident (57907) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 09/23/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed several containers of employee medicine to be stored on a top shelf above the prep top cooler at the cooking line. Corrected by removing the medicine from this area and placing it at the front counter

(Critical) Observed a cook handling cooked chicken that he just cut up on a cutting board with his bare hands while plating the food. Corrected by discussing this concern with the employee and the owner. Tongs, a glove or a spatula will be used in the future to prevent bare hand contact

(Critical) Observed a red plastic cup from a cook stored on the top shelf located above the line prep cooler. Corrected by removing the cup from this area and dumping out the contents. In the future, ensure employees only drink from covered containers. Consider using insulated mugs with handles and a closable sipping lid/cover to prevent spills and the contamination of hands

Observed a bulk food container (for rice) with a missing cover. Provide a replacement food grade container with a cover

Observed the walk in cooler to be operating at a slightly warm temperature. Corrected by adjusting the thermostat to a colder setting. The cooling system was producing 37f air within minutes

Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor under the deep fryers, the floor under the chinese range, the drain basin for the chinese range, the floor drain in front of the walk in cooler, and the floor sink at the back food prep sink (by the back door)

Observed a narrow necked bottle that was re-used for cooking wine once the original contents were depleted. These bottles must be discarded or recycled once the original contents are gone. Purchase a pouring bottle that comes apart with a wide mouth for cleaning from a food service equipment supply store.

1) observed a couple wet wiping cloths stored on a counter in the kitchen. Corrected by placing them in a sanitizer pail. 2) observed the chlorine sanitizer in the pails for wiping cloths to be too weak. Corrected by adding additional sanitizer to achieve 150 ppm

Observed the bottom and sides of the housing for the food trap screen on the dish washing machine drain to be overdue for cleaning. Please clean these areas daily

Observed the following items to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: 1) the removable exhaust hood filter sections, 2) the walk in cooler shelves to remove spilled food and mold/yeast growth, 3) the sides of the deep fryers, and 4) the top shelf above the cook line prep cooler

This incident (22455) does not have any more information on it

This incident (57921) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 01/29/2009 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed peanuts (a ready to eat food--used as a topping/garnish) that were salted/seasoned in-house observed drying on the interior of a box top that originally contained raw chicken. Corrected by discarding the peanuts and discussing the hazard of this practice with the manager. Suggested only using a sheet tray for this purpose in the future.

(Critical) Observed two kitchen employees not wash their hands before moving on to different tasks after loading dirty equipment into the dish washing machine, taking the trash outside, and after handling raw shrimp and chicken. Corrected by discussing this issue with the manager and by employees washing their hands

(Critical) Observed the following items to be stored unclean: a kitchen knife and a vegetable peeler in a prep table drawer, a large food tub on the storage shelf with pieces of brocoli still on the surface and another two with an oily residue on the interior surfaces, the soda dispensing spouts, and a ladel and a knife at the server station. Corrected by re-washing these items. In the future, please make sure staff are not overloading the dish washing machine racks and that employees are inspecting their work prior to placing washed items in storage for re-use

(Critical) Observed 1) bulk grain rice stored in a large galvanized trash type can in the kitchen. Purchase an nsf, or equivalent bulk food storage container with a cover for the storage of this food; 2) also observed diced pork stored in a food tub lined with a printed menu in the walk in cooler. Discontinue this practice as the printed menus are not an approved food contact surface. Corrected by removing the menu and placing the pork in a clean food tub

(Critical) Observed about eight or more gray food storage tubs to be damaged (severely cracked, others melted or with missing pieces) and are therefore not easily cleanable. Corrected by discarding. In the future, instruct staff to dispose damaged storage containers (equipment, etc. ).

Observed cardboard and paperboard being used to cover the top shelf above the cook line refrigerators/steam table. Please eliminate this paper covering as it is not easily cleanable and it absorbs moisture

Observed the outsides of the following equipment to be in need of cleaning to remove oil and food debris: the top of the non-functioning cheese melter/broiler, the sides of the deep fryers, and inside the front door of the right-hand deep fryer.

Observed some covers missing from a few bulk food containers in the very back kitchen dry storage area. Please keep your food containers covered to prevent misc. Contamination

No hand washing reminder sign was provided in the men's restroom

Observed multiple five gallon pails with sauce in them blocking access to the back kitchen hand washing sink, and an extenstion cord/power strip was draped over the sink basin. Corrected by removing the electrical cord and the pails

Observed many to-go food containers at the cook line shelves to be stored upright. Corrected by inverting these containers and lids

Observed one of the two dumpster covers left open. Please keep these covers closed to keep pests out of the trash

Observed red bottles of a sauce on the dining room tables without a label and several white granular foods (salt, sugar, msg?) in unlabeled containers on the cook line cart. Please provide food labels for these containers to avoid mix-ups

The wiping cloth pail had no chlorine in the solution (the solution was from the previous day). Please ensure staff are preparing a fresh solution of sanitizer water for your wiping cloths at the beginning of each day (and throughout the day as necessary)