Olde Tyme Pizza

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715 W. Michigan Avenue
Saline, MI 48176

Health Report - 05/05/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No sanitizer available in facility. Sanitizer shall be provided at proper concentration at manual warewashing operation and for wiping cloth solution or spray bottles. Critical corrected: at time of inspection employee went to store to purchase chlorine bleach; purchased bleach with epa reg #. Proper chlorine test kit is available to monitor sanitizer concentration

Condensor pan leaking in 3 door randell pizza prep unit; currently small pan catching water. Please repair and maintain in good repair

Please organize rear storage closet to prevent potential harborage conditions for insects and rodents

Please relocate dumpster to asphalt or concrete surface

Unwrapped liter pop found stored on floor rear kitchen. Please store on shelving unit a minimum 6 inches above the floor

No paper towels dishwash area handwash sink and paper towels not in paper towel dispensers rest of handwash sinks. Please provide paper towels in dispenser (or other drying device) at each handwash sink at all times

Health Report - 11/18/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed some outdated meats. Be sure that you are auditing product daily and discarding expired product. Corrected by discarding.