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Health Report - 01/04/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the dish washing employee and a food prep employee not wash their hands prior to handling clean dishes and beginning food preparation. Corrected by discussing this requirement with the employees and by having them wash their hands at a hand washing sink

(Critical) Observed: 1) a pot of "white sauce" (a clear broth with a small amount of cooked green onions and garlic) out at room temperature. This sauce was made this morning. Corrected by placing in the bottom of the line cooler. 2) the soft serve ice cream (chocolate and vanilla) to be at 45 to 50f. Corrected by discarding this product

(Critical) Observed many dead and a few living cock roaches in the facility (kitchen and food buffet areas). The facility currently contracts with terminix (monthly service). Make the needed repairs to your facility, maintain the facility as clean & dry as possible, and have another service visit from a pest control contractor. In the future, perform frequent inspections for the presence of pests and take appropriate steps to eliminate these pests

Observed many of the bulk food containers in the back kitchen dry storage room to be uncovered. Corrected by installing the covers

No hot water was available for washing hands at the front dining room hand sink at the server side stand. Corrected by turning on the hot water supply valve

1) the interior and exterior of the dish washing machine is in need of cleaning to eliminate food debris build-up. 2) observed the clean dish side of the drain board for the three compartment sink to be in need of cleaning. Please maintain these items clean

Observed two wet/soiled wiping towels on the back kitchen prep counter and a wet towel on the counter of the server area side station

Again observed several areas of the facility that need to be repaired (wall coving tile by the walk in cooler/freezer, openings through the wall for pipes, the top edge of the kitchen hand washing sinks, etc. ). Please thoroughly clean and dry these areas prior to repairing/sealing them

Observed a tub of cut raw chicken on the floor at the back kitchen prep table area. All food must remain above the floor by 6". Corrected by placing the food off of the floor

Observed the owner/cook rinse/wash his hands off in the back kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by discussing this issue with him and by using the adjacent hand washing sink the next time

Observed a large gap under the back delivery door. Replace the door sweep to help prevent pest entry

Health Report - 06/08/2009 (14 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: a kitchen knife (long serrated blade) on the magnetic knife rack; a couple metal kitchen strainer bowls; several pair of tongs and several metal scoops in a clean utensil storage tub; the soda dispensing spout diffusers and the mounting bases. Clean these items today and maintain them clean in the future. ,

(Critical) 1) observed two made in house scoops used for scooping cooked rice and other foods. These scoops are made out of a one gallon plastic bottle (the type with a hollow handle and with a cardboard seal on the interior of the cap that is deteriorating). Further, one of the scoops had a melted area creating a rough surface. Corrected by discarding. Only purchase and use commercial food grade utensils. 2) observed a small kitchen knife with a severely damaged handle. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) 1) observed two chemical bottles stored next to the raw, in-shell eggs on the bottom shelf of the steam table. 2) gear/roller lubricating oil for a piece of equipment was stored in a tub with clean equipment. Corrected by relocating the chemicals to areas away from food and clean equipment

(Critical) Per the cook the used kitchen utensils are cleaned at the end of the night. These utensils need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized on intervals not to exceed four hours (a new or clean storage container and fresh water must also be provided). ,

(Critical) Observed raw, in-shell eggs stored on the bottom shelf at the cook line at 78f; pooled, raw eggs were observed at 60f in a container out on the prep counter; raw bean sprouts were in a container of water at the cook line at 52f; cooked shrimp were observed on the buffet line at 53f; the sushi rolls were observed at 78f in the sushi cooler (someone forgot to turn this unit on in the morning). These foods were discarded. ,

(Critical) Observed many foods in the walk in freezer and cooler to be stored in white & tan "to-go" bags. Provide and utilize food grade bags for direct contact with foods or switch to using metal sheet trays/containers. , ,

(Critical) The log chart used for the hot foods on time as a public health control was not being maintained for the last few days. This documentation must be completed to be in compliance with your time as a public health control policy.

(Critical) Observed two cases of raw, in-shell eggs stored on a top walk in cooler shelf above uncovered jell-o. Corrected by relocating the raw eggs to a bottom shelf

(Critical) Observed an employee handling cooked shrimp with their bare hands while mixing them with ice. Corrected by cooking additional shrimp and them employee using single use gloves to handle the shrimp. The previous batch of shrimp will only be used for a menu item that will be fully reheated again (seafood delight)

(Critical) Observed two severely dented cans of food on the can storage rack. These two cans were removed and placed in a box for return credit. Have an employee inspect all of the cans on the rack for severe dents/damage and remove them. In the future, ensure no severely dented cans are placed on this rack. All damaged cans either need to be discarded or placed in a designated can return storage location. ,

(Critical) Observed the following items to be stored below 135f: pork and chicken dumplings (100-109f); vegetable foo young 97-98f; stir fried potatoes 125f. Corrected by discarding these items and providing replacements. Please monitor your hot foods frequently, adjust your steam table burners as needed and/or cover these foods to maintain heat. ,

(Critical) Observed several open employee beverage containers stored on the prep line counter and shelf with/above foods. Corrected by eliminating these open employee beverages

(Critical) Observed an uncovered hotel pan of jell-o in the walk in cooler with debris on it. Corrected by discarding the jell-o

(Critical) Observed the manager not wash her hands after touching raw chicken prior to switching tasks. Corrected by washing her hands

Observed uncovered jell-o in the walk in cooler, and an uncovered container of lemon wedges at the front server station. Please cover these foods to protect them from misc. Contamination

Observed a case of pork thawing in a plastic container in the food prep sink. Corrected by running cold water over the food. Monitor your thawing foods and remove them from the sink with running water once they are thawed (prior to them warming above 41f)

Observed a box of garlic toast and several cases of chicken stored on the floor in the walk in freezer. Relocate these items to a shelving unit

The exhaust hood filters are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed a stack of hotel pan sized aluminum foil pans stored upright on the top shelf of the back prep room shelving unit. Please either store these items inverted or in a bag/box

Replace the floor tile grout where there are depressions at the front area server station

The person in charge must ensure compliance with the food code and food law requirements. The managers serv-safe certification expired this past february. However, the manager with the past certification primarily works the front of the house. This facility needs to have a certified kitchen employee. There is training available in chinese--contact me for details

1) the fake plants located above the food buffet stations are very dusty. After all foods are removed at the end of some night remove these plants and thoroughly clean them prior to re-installing them. 2) the drain line receiving waste water from the soda dispensing unit is in need of cleaning at this time

Provide paper towels in dispenser at the back server station

Provide soap at the wait station hand washing sink

The door gaskets on the line cooler doors (two units) have not been replaced yet. Please replace these torn door gaskets to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface

Observed food residue on the clean dish drain board. Ensure staff are cleaning and sanitizing the drain boards prior to storing/stacking clean equipment on them

Observed a wet mop resting on the floor in the hallway between the dining area and the kitchen

The urinal in the men's rest room (interior surfaces) is in need of more detailed cleaning

1) both front doors were propped open. Always keep your exterior doors closed to prevent pest entry. 2) the side exterior door (by the rest rooms) needs additional weather stripping/foam to seal out pests

Observed some spilled oil on the oil dumpster cover and some that has dripped onto the pavement. Please clean this area now and more frequently in the future as needed