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1200 Packard
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Health Report - 07/07/2009 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two containers of chemically treated wiping cloths (quaternary ammonia disinfectant) in the facility being used for cleaning and sanitizing the food thermometer probes. These wipes are not approved for use with food contact surfaces due to the concentration being too strong and because these wipes have scent additives (lemon and fresh scent) that are not compatible with foods to be consumed. Corrected by not using these wipes & by removing these containers from the facility. The manager will purchase and use sterile alcohol wipes for this purpose

(Critical) The outside hose connection lacks a back flow prevention device. Please install a hose bib atmospheric vacuum breaker (a. S. S. E. 1011 device) on the faucet prior to the hose to protect the potable water supply. The hose attached to the above mentioned vacuum breaker must have an open end (i. E. No down stream shut-off valves such as a spray nozzle)

1) please provide replacement door gaskets for the two, one door prep top coolers, as the current ones are torn and are accumulating food debris. 2) purchase a replacement blender lid insert to eliminate the existing one that is damaged

The ice making machine is still resting on a home-made wooden base that does not facilitate cleaning. If this ice machine will remain long term, provide a non-wood base with at least 6" high legs to facilitate cleaning

Observed single service items (to-go food containers, and aluminum foil catering foodo covers) stored in several locations in the kitchen to be upright. Please invert these items or keep them stored in a bag, etc. To prevent debris accumulation

The area under the ice machine, the drain through the floor serving the soda dispensing/ice bin system, and the floor below the kitchen hand washing sink are in need of cleaning at this time

The pizza oven exhaust hood filters and the conveyor system (including the spill trays) are in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future

Provide an air thermometer for the interior of the black one door cooler in the dessert area to monitor the cooler temperature

Now that a new roof has been installed, replace the ceiling tiles with old water damage

Please add another light bulb fixture in the back end of the walk in cooler to provide additional light