Beet Box (The)

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211 W Washington
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Health Report - 06/19/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Water not hooked up to handwash sink and hot water heater not operating at cart at time of inspection. Proper handwash cleaning procedure could not be followed due to lack of operating handwash sink. Not corrected. Food employee does have hand sanitizer to use until handwash sink is repaird. Please repair asap and call for follow-up inspection. This cart does no assembly with gloves; utensils used for all hot and cold food dispensing. ,

(Critical) No quaternary ammonium test kit is available for use at cart to monitor sanitizer concentration in wet wiping cloth solution. Corrected at time of inspection by retrieving extra quat test kit from another cart. Please monitor quat concentration throughout the day to assure proper concentration

Quaternary ammonium sanitizer concentration low in wet wiping cloth solution at the cart. Please monitor throughout the day with proper test kit to assure proper concentration

Light bulb in light fixture in cart not covered. Please provide cover for light fixture to properly protect the light bulb

Health Report - 04/25/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Please provide copy of a food safety manager certificate for one full time employee within 90 days

Health Report - 06/14/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Rice and beans reheated to improper temperature. Critical corrected; at time of inspection reheated rice and beans to 165°F in the oven. Rice and beans were found at 127°F when brought out to cart

Please provide wiping cloth solution at proper sanitizer concentration at the cart

Please remove cardboard box and styrofoam pads from under the small freezer in the cart to provide smooth, easily cleanable surface. You may consider purchasing a cleanable mat to store freezer on in the cart

Please invert clean dishes on storage rack in kitchen

Please provide proper sanitizer test kit at the cart

Please store personal items separate from water boxes in the rear kitchen storage locker

Please provide waste receptacle near hand wash sink in the cart

Hot water found at insufficient temperature at the cart. Please turn on propane earlier in the day to provide hot water at a minimum of 100°F

No paper towel dispenser or paper towels available at handwash sink in the cart. Facility currently using napkins. Please provide paper towels in dispenser asap