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Health Report - 06/09/2015 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed food employee handling ready to eat hoagie bread with his bare hands at the prep table in the kitchen. (cutting buns) ready to eat foods shall not be handled with bare hands. Use disposable gloves when performing this duty. Corrected by discarding buns that had been handled with bare hands and spoke with employee and pic regarding proper handling of rte foods. Employee washed hands and put on disposable gloves to complete task. Corrected

(Critical) Observed food worker eating while prepping hoagie buns and not washing hands before returning to prep work after instructed to not eat in active prep area. Corrected by discussing issue with employee and pic regarding when hand washing must take place. Employee washed hands and put disposable gloves on prior to returning to prep work. Corrected

(Critical) Observed a bulk container of in house prepared cole slaw in the main kitchen upright refrigerator to not be date marked. Pic had indicated that the cole slaw was prepared the day before. Corrected by properly labeling this container of cole slaw. Corrected. Observed numerous single serving containers of cole slaw (two trays worth) in the front kitchen upright cooler that were sourced from the bulk container in the main kitchen to not be date marked. Corrected by date marking the trays to represent all of the single serving containers. Corrected

(Critical) Person in charge must ensure compliance of food health code. One food employee was involved in several violations. Person in charge must use greater managerial control over his workers to ensure compliance: bare hand contact of ready to eat foods, eating in prep area, when to wash hands and hair restraint. Corrected by discussing these issues at length with pic. Pic was aware and knowledgeable of code requirements and will ensure that employees comply with code requirements. Corrected.

Observed the door to the employee restroom to be propped open. The door must remain shut when not in use. Corrected by removing the obstruction to allow the door to close. Corrected

Observed the floors in the hard to reach areas of the main kitchen to be in need of cleaning. To correct, please clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed food service employees involved with food preparation to not be wearing hair restraints. When prepping food, proper hair restraint shall be worn. Corrected by discussing issue with pic and employees putting hats on. Corrected

Observed numerous pieces of old/unused/broken equipment throughout facility. Unused equipment creates potential harborage conditions for pests. To correct, please have old/unused/broken equipment removed. Observed an excessive amount of clutter in the back storage area. Clutter creates potential harborage conditions for pests. To correct, please de-clutter this area by removing unnecessary items

Observed the wiping cloth sanitizing solution (chlorine based) to be weak. To correct, please replace this solution with a fresh batch with 100 ppm chlorine.

Observed the sides of the grill and the sides of the stovetop to soiled with an accumulation of grease/debris. To correct, please clean this area now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed employee eating food while prepping hoagie buns for use. Employees shall only eat in designated area away from food preparation to prevent contamination issues. Corrected by discussing issue with pic and employee while instructing food employee to remove food from prep area and eat it in an approved designated location away from food preparation. Corrected

Observed wet mops in mop sink basin. Mops shall be hung to dry in a manner that will not contaminate the adjacent wall, equipment or supplies. To correct, please hang mops in a designated location that meets the requirements mentioned above

Observed the air thermometer for the upright cooler in the front kitchen and the air thermometer for the upright pepsi/single service container cooler to no longer be in good repair and giving accurate results. To correct, please replace these thermometers with working and accurate units

Health Report - 12/08/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Filters on exhaust hood are not clean. Per pic, they are scheduled to be cleaned this month by an outside company. To correct: keep clean

Thermometer not found inside cooler in kitchen. Corrected: pic placed thermometer inside cooler

Onions and onion rings found uncovered in a cooler unit and freezer unit. To correct: keep all food items covered while in storage.

White and red food to-go boxes stored upright in front kitchen area. To correct: keep inverted to protect from contamination

Observed tongs used to dispense peppers at front desk soiled and reported by pic that they are cleaned every several days. To correct: clean every 24 hours

Employee not wearing hair restraint while preparing food. To correct: wear a hair net or hat when preparing/serving food

Mops observed to be stored wet in sink. To correct: hang mops to dry to allow for adequate drying

Health Report - 06/09/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Three compartment sink hot water sanitizng: the temperature displayed on the digital read-out was higher than the actual water temperature. (171f vs. 162f). Corrected by adjusting the set point on the controller to ensure the water was at least 171f.

(Critical) Old food residue was observed on the electric food slicer and the hobart chopper (used for making cole slaw). The chopper blade was very difficult to remove. Owner indicated this chopper blade attachment is not removed for cleaning after each batch of cole slaw. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing these surfaces. Over time, this chopper blade will get easier to remove if it is removed after each batch and fully cleaned. Using some food grade mineral oil on the spindle should also help the removal process

Observed the wiping cloth solution to not have any chlorine sanitizer. The owner indicated this solution was from this morning. Corrected by dumping this solution out and providing fresh bleach water at 100 ppm. Also, a wiping cloth was stored on the counter. Please keep your wiping cloths stored in the sanitizer when not in use to prevent bacterial growth

Health Report - 12/10/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the cook handling prepared hoagie subs with both hands, however, only his left hand had a single use glove. Corrected by the employee putting a glove on his right hand

(Critical) Observed a container of cole slaw in the customer grab and go two door cooler that expired on 12-7. Corrected by discarding. Ensure you are checking the expiration dates on your foods daily

(Critical) Observed old gravy on the interior and exterior surfaces of the previously washed conical strainer. Corrected by re-washing

The chlorine has dissipated from the wiping towel storage solution. Corrected by adding more chlorine to provide 50-75 ppm chlorine

Observed the re-use of bread bags for storage of shredded chicken. These bread bags are for one time use only----do not re-use

The light bulb in the pepsi cooler is unprotected and the end cap is missing from one of the 8' bulbs above the front kitchen area. Provide tubes and end caps as needed to protect food and equipment should a bulb break

Health Report - 06/12/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The owner had the controller for the hot water heating element in the sanitizing basin set at 140 to 145f. This temperature is too low for sanitizing equipment. Corrected by adjusting the temperature controller to 171f. The owner indicated this hot water system generates a lot of extra heat in the kitchen and uses a lot of electricity. He plans to switch to chlorine sanitizer at about 75-100 ppm and use room temperature water

(Critical) Observed gravy in the hot holding well to be at 128f. Corrected by discarding and making new gravy. Ensure this product stays above 135f.

Observed a few plastic forks and knives stored jumbled in the dispensing tray at the front counter. Corrected by changing these utensils so the handles are all in the same direction

No thermometer was provided at the dish washing station to verify the minimum temperature (110f) hot water for washing dishes. Corrected by providing a probe thermometer at this station

Health Report - 12/07/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (19115) does not have any more information on it

This incident (39866) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 06/12/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following bulk foods to not be date marked: two containers of shredded bbq chicken in the walk in cooler, the cole slaw and the hoagie meat in the three door upright cooler. Ensure these food containers are marked with the last date of use when they are prepared. A risk control plan was left with the owner to fill out regarding this repeat item. ,

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces out at room temperature used for potentially hazardous foods to not be cleaned at least every four hours: the tray and tongs for freshly cooked chicken on the counter in the back kitchen, and the chicken dispensing tongs at the front kitchen area. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing these items

Observed the plastic the spoons and forks stored jumbled in the storage trays below the front counter. To protect the eating ends of the utensils, only store these utensils with the handles in the same direction

1) observed the push block of the hobart slicer to be in need of replacement. 2) observed damage to the plastic bulk dispensers for flour, sugar and potato pearls. These containers/lids have been repaired with tape in the past. Provide new replacement containers

Observed wet wiping towels stored in a solution of warm soapy water at the front kitchen. Provide a solution of chlorine sanitizer at 100 ppm to store your wiping towels in when they are not in use

Health Report - 12/19/2011 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed several tubs of hoagie meat (made two to three times per week) and the bulk containers of cole slaw, rice pudding, pork & beans, and bbq chicken without a use-by dates. Additionally, observed about 5 large containers of cole slaw in the customer grab & go cooler to be marked for more than 7 days. Corrected by providing new labels that match the last date of use from the same batch

(Critical) Observed some small pieces of chicken (thighs, wings, drum sticks) in the hot holding cabinet to be at 119 to 124f. Corrected by reheating to 165f. Ensure your hot foods are maintained at 135f or above

(Critical) The drain lines for the three compartment sink were re-done. Currently the drain line is directly connected to the waste water pipe. Provide an air gap for the drain line of this sink

No bleach was added to the wiping cloth pail this morning. Corrected by adding bleach to provide 75 ppm

Health Report - 07/07/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Discovered the clean in place surfaces of the slicer are not being sanitized after cleaning. Corrected by discussing this issue with the owner and by using a bleach sanitizer solution (100 ppm) on these surfaces after cleaning.

Observed a container with a wiping cloth in it that did not have any chlorine residual. Corrected by adding chlorine to provide 100 ppm

Again observed two uncovered containers of cooked hoagie meat in the walk in cooler with out covers. Once your hoagie meat has finished cooling please cover this food to protect it from misc. Contamination

Health Report - 01/11/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Discovered during the inspection that the owner is reheating extra cooked chicken the next day by placing it in the hot holding cabinet in the morning so it can warm up prior to shredding it in the afternoon (to make the bbq chicken sandwiches). This cabinet does not reheat to 165f. Corrected by the owner changing his process for the bbq chicken. Now the chicken will be kept in the refrigerator until they are ready to shred it and then use the microwave oven to heat it up.

Observed a slow leak coming from the drain line on the sanitizing basin of the three compartment sink. Repair the drain line as needed

Observed two large shallow plastic containers of prepared hoagie meat in the walk in cooler that were uncovered. Once this food has fully cooled cover it to protect from miscellaneous contamination

Observed the plastic utensils stored in trays under the front counter to be jumbled. Please have an employee with clean hands organize these utensils so the handles are all pointing toward the employee to prevent contamination of the portion of the utensil that goes into your customer's mouth