Marco's Pizza #56

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1752 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Health Report - 02/09/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed that no test kit was available for testing the concentration of sanitizer for the sanitization compartment of the 3 compartment sink. Corrected by person in charge providing proper chlorine test strips during inspection. Corrected

(Critical) Observed an unlabled spray bottle on the chemical storage rack. Corrected by properly labeling this bottle (bleach/water solution) and returning it to the chemical storage rack. Corrected

Observed the faucet for the handsink by the dishwashing area to be loosely attached to the sink. To correct, please secure faucet securely to sink. Observed the faucet for the 3 compartment sink to be leaking at both of the temperature control handles. To correct, please have leak repaired

Observed a mop stored bunched up in the mop bucket. To correct, please hang mop on your available hanging rack to allow for proper air drying of this mop. Corrected.

A certified food manager is required for this facility. Please provide proof of a certified food manager within 90 days

Health Report - 09/03/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

The exhaust hood filters for the pizza oven (four sections) are in need of cleaning to remove oil, dust, etc

One door upright dough refrigerator: after turning off the unit remove the two fan guards so they can be cleaned to remove the mold accumulation

Observe an old metal hubcap (used as an ash tray when staff smoke outside) to be stored on a lower shelf of a food storage shelving unit. Store this ash tray outside only

1) the door gaskets are totally split on the two door low-boy dough cooler. Provide replacement door gaskets. 2) three of the four pizza oven exhaust hood filters were out of position (leaning back position so the air isn't being filtered). Ensure the hood filters are installed in the proper position so they function as intended

Again, the back door was observed propped open. A house fly and some smoke from an adjacent store's employee was entering the building. Corrected by closing the door

A case of red peppers was observed on the walk in cooler floor. Corrected by elevating the peppers to a shelf

The dough water measuring pail is hung upright from its handle. Store/hang this pail inverted to allow moisture to drain out and to prevent misc. Debris accumulation

No food safety certification for an employee was posted/available at the time of this inspection. Provide a certified employee who works a minimum of 30 hours per week at this establishment

Health Report - 03/03/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple ready to eat, potentially hazardous bulk foods with out last day of use dates (feta cheese, sliced deli meat, sausage, meatballs pre-cooked chicken wings/dippers, prepped lettuce, etc. ) provided when the packages were opened or thawed (if they were previously portioned from the original bag)

This operation still does not have a certified food safety manager. Provided the owner a pamphlet with upcoming classes listed

Observed some employee foods stored among other foods for customers. Ensure all employee foods are stored below and separated from customer foods

Health Report - 09/06/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

1) observed the white pail used to measure the dough water to be stored upright. Find a way to store this pail up-side-down on a clean surface. 2) observed a couple to-go containers to be stored upright on the shelf above the pizza cutting table. Corrected by inverting these containers/lids

Again the back door was propped open without there being a screen door to prevent pest entry. Maintain this door closed or install a screen door as a pest barrier when the exterior door is propped open for air flow

Observed a significant amount of dust accumulation on the walk in cooler evaporator coil. Clean this coil as needed to eliminate the dust to provide better air flow through the coil

Provide a full time employee (30 hours minimum per week) with a manager level food safety certification

Health Report - 03/05/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (18860) does not have any more information on it

This incident (39806) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 09/06/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee cutting tomatoes for a salad without using any single use gloves. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and by the employee putting on gloves

(Critical) Observed the following ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods that last more than 24 hours to not be marked with date stickers: prepped sub meat, pre-cooked chicken wings, pre-cooked chicken, pre-cooked ground beef. Provide date stickers on these foods when they are removed from their packaging when prepped/thawed

Provide trash cans at your hand washing sinks for the disposal of paper towels

1) again observed the pizza oven exhaust hood filter sections to not be in place for proper filtering. Install according to the manufacturer's directions within one day. 2) the door gasket on the upright door cooler is torn and not easily cleanable. Provide a replacement door gasket

Observed the front and rear doors propped open upon arrival. Ensure your exterior doors are kept closed to prevent pest entry

Observed no air thermometer in the pepsi cooler. Provide an air thermometer to monitor food temperatures.

Observed the white plastic bucket used to measure out water for making the pizza dough to be stored upright. Please store this bucket inverted on a clean and sanitized surface.

The door closer for the bathroom is disconnected. Reattach the door closer so it functions to maintain the door closed

Observed several empty zip-lock style bags in the bottom of the one door upright freezer being saved for re-use. Once these bags have held food in them they must be discarded. Do not save them for re-use

Health Report - 03/15/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a container with a small amount of ground beef portioned out on 3-8. This product's last day of use should have been 3-14. Corrected by discarding

Again observed the back door to be propped open without a screen door provided. Either keep the back door closed or provide a self-closing screen door that seals tightly on all sides to keep pests out of the store

Again observed the pizza oven exhaust hood filter sections to not be in place for proper filtering. Install according to the manufacturer's directions within one day

Observed one of the dumpster covers to be left open. Ensure these covers stay closed to prevent pest entry

Health Report - 10/04/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the foods in the top of the pizza prep cooler to be at 48-49f. Corrected by relocating recently stocked potentially hazardous foods to the reach-in portion of the cooler and discarding the small amount of ham and chicken. The bottom portion of the cooler was holding food at 40f.

(Critical) The pizza cutting tool, the food spatulas and the bubble fork are only being formally cleaned at the end of the night. These utensils need to be cleaned at least every four hours. Consider providing a second set of these tools so they can be switched out with clean ones. This way the soiled tools can be washed when convenient for staff within the next four hours. Corrected by cleaning these tools. Consider using a timer to keep track of the four hour time

The back kitchen door was propped open upon arrival. Corrected by closing the back door. If you wish to keep you back door open for ventilation a tight fitting, self closing screen door must be installed

Observed the four pizza oven exhaust hood filters to be out of position. These hood filters must remain properly installed. Grease and dust are accumulating in the hood duct work. This build-up causes an increased risk of a fire.

Provide a trash can at your front kitchen hand washing sink for the disposal of paper towel

Observed both of the white spatulas on the shelf above the dish washing sink to be in need of replacement. One was discarded and the other needs to be replaced soon

The pizza prep cooler is of an older design--the cooling for the top insert pans is just from the reach in cabinet below. This unit cannot consistently maintain foods in the top reach in pans at 41f or below. Provide a replacement pizza prep cooler that meets nsf standard 7 or equivalent

Back kitchen storage shelving unit: observed building maintenance tools stored on the second shelf from the bottom above and adjacent to food containers. Corrected by moving these maintenance items off of this shelf.

Health Report - 04/13/2011 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) This facility only has one supply of foods that are used for both baked foods (pizza and subs) and for salads. No gloves are required to prepare the pizzas and subs prior to baking (just clean hands), however, some of these toppings in the pizza prep cooler are also used to make salads (chicken, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, onions, cheddar cheese, banana peppers, pepperoni). To prevent bare hand contact with these salad items provide a separate supply of small food containers containing your salad toppings. These salad items must be dispensed with gloved hands

(Critical) Observed multiple ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods (deli meats, ground beef, feta cheese, meat balls, chicken, etc. That have been removed from their original packaging to be lacking use-by dates.

(Critical) Observed: 1) foods in the bottom of the pizza prep cooler to be 43 to 48f. The thermostat was adjusted to a colder setting during the inspection to bring the air temperature down. Monitor this unit to ensure it is holding your food at 41f and below. 2) several individual containers of ranch dressing out on the pizza cutting counter. Corrected by returning the ranch dressing to the nearby pepsi cooler

This incident (18885) does not have any more information on it

The pizza prep cooler is not maintaining foods at 41f or below (43 to 48f today). The weather has recently turned more warm and humid. Adjust/service this cooler as needed to maintain foods at 41f or below. The thermostat was adjusted during the inspection

This incident (55378) does not have any more information on it

This facility has and uses both chlorine and quaternary ammonia sanitizers. The test papers for the chlorine and quat were both discolored from being wet and very old. Provide replacement test papers

Observed all four of the pizza oven exhaust hood filters to be out of position such that they are not filtering the air. Corrected by repositioning the filters inside the hood so they filter properly

Health Report - 11/01/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Restroom door is not closing completely by itself. Repair or repalce self closer tominimize access for insects

The gaskets on the walk in cooler door is torn. Once torn gasket is no longer cleanable. Replace split gaskets.

Hair restraints are not in use by food employees. All food employees are required to wear proper means of hair restraint to minimize potential for hair to get onto foods. Provide and use ball caps, hair nets on other means of hair restraint