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Health Report - 07/31/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The owner turned off the hot holding unit for the rice at the end of last night and turned it back on this morning at 11 am upon his arrival. This rice was found to be at 89f. Corrected by discarding. You must utilize one of the following options for your extra rice at the end of the night: 1) discard the rice, 2) maintain it hot (above 135f) in the rice warmer that is kept turned on all night, or 3) remove the rice and properly cool it down in the walk in cooler and re-heat it the next day to 165f within 2 hours

(Critical) Observed multiple unclean food contact surfaces at the beginning of this work day from last night (rice dispensing spoon, tongs, and three pots, three strainers, cutting board & kitchen knife at the cooking area. These items were washed and sanitized--corrected

The floor under the cooking equipment is in need of a thorough cleaning especially around the deep fryers and the legs of the cooking equipment. Also observed dirty old wet towels on the floor under the prep cooler. Clean these areas asap to eliminate the build-up of food and moisture that can attract pests

Observed excessive oil build-up on the cook line exhaust hood and the hood filters. Thoroughly clean these surfaces to eliminate the build-up of oil

Observed a crate stored in front of the back kitchen hand washing sink. Ensure a clear path to all hand washing sinks

1) observed torn door gaskets on the kitchen prep cooler reach-in doors--provide replacement gaskets as needed to eliminate the torn ones that collect food debris and moisture. 2) prep cooler: observed excessive dust accumulation on the compressor coil. Remove dust to provide better air flow

Observed the back screen door to have a large gap at the bottom. Provide a door sweep to eliminate this gap under the door

Observed the left hand faucet at the three compartment sink to be leaking at the base, and the hot water valve for the single basin food prep sink to be not working. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak and provide flowing hot water

Health Report - 01/24/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a chlorine sanitizer solution to be too weak. Corrected by adding additional chlorine to achieve 150 ppm

(Critical) Observed an unapproved insecticide in the back of the facility (black flag insect spray for household use only). Corrected by removing from the facility. In the future, only purchase and use insect sprays that are approved for use in a licensed restaurant (typically available from a food service supplier) according to the directions

(Critical) Observed some prepared foods stored directly in contact with non-food grade bags. Corrected by transferring the food to clear food grade bags

Observed the dish washing area hand washing sink to be blocked by a crate. Corrected by removing the crate to provide proper access to the sink for use

Observed water draining too slowly through the floor sink located below the three compartment dish washing sink. Snake out the drain line as needed to clear any drain blockage

Observed the "hot" water to only be 80f. Corrected by adjusting the water heater to a higher setting to provide a minimum of 110f hot water

Observed flat cardboard being used as a shelf liner and side-walls for a cook line table (bottom shelf). This cardboard absorbs moisture and cannot be cleaned. Remove the cardboard and maintain the metal shelf clean

The cook line exhaust hood filters and some of the exhaust hood canopy have excessive oil accumulation on them. Clean these areas now and more frequently in the future. Also the drain trough at the back of the chinese range and the strainer basket at the discharge of the range are over-due for cleaning. Ensure these areas are cleaned of food scraps nightly

Cook line: observed the floor under a cook line table, under/behind the deep fryers and at the other end by the gas lines to be in need of cleaning

Health Report - 07/19/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two partially full flats of shell eggs and previously cooked egg rolls stored in a deep hotel pan in the top of the prep cooler overnight. The egg rolls were 46 to 53f, and the eggs were 48 to 63f depending on their location. Corrected by discarding. In the future, these foods must be stored in the reach in portion of the cooler below so they are surrounded by cold air

(Critical) Observed the spray bottle of sanitizer to be mixed way too strong. Corrected by diluting the solution to provide 150 ppm chlorine

(Critical) Observed an employee remove the pan of water with two rice scoops in it and only wash and rinse the pan & scoops. Corrected by the employee washing, rinsing and sanitizing the rice scoop and providing a clean pan with fresh water for the storage of the rice scoop. This equipment must be washed, rinsed and sanitized every four hours or less to prevent bacterial growth

(Critical) Observed a cloth towel being used to line a bowl that cooked egg rolls are placed in to soak up extra oil. The towel was removed. Observed empty gray egg trays from the cases of shell eggs that are being used in several locations of the facility (such as between clean cutting boards, etc. ). Discontinue this practice as some of the egg trays may be contaminated with bacteria that can be transferred to your equipment

Two new frigidair chest freezers were purchased that are not elevated off of the floor. Currently, these freezers are resting on the styrofoam and bottom of the box in which they were packaged. Provide 6 inch high legs or castor wheels for these coolers to elevate them off of the floor or to make them easy to move for cleaning

Observed many foods stored overnight that were left uncovered on the cooking line food cart, the shelves above & behind the prep cooler, and in the walk in cooler. These foods need a tight fitting cover or plastic wrap on them to prevent insects or miscellaneous debris from getting into the food

The door gaskets for the three door prep cooler are soiled and moldy. Thoroughly clean these gaskets at this time

Observed multiple shelves and flat surfaces in the facility being lined with cardboard. Remove this cardboard as it cannot be cleaned. Shelves must be non-absorptive and will need to be cleaned when soiled

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Health Report - 01/07/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The only type of bleach in the restaurant was meijer brand bleach with "mountain fresh scent". Only a regular bleach that has an epa registration number and proper usage directions may be used for food contact surfaces. Corrected by purchasing some regular clorox bleach and writing "floor use only" on the meijer brand bleach

1) the faucet for the left side of the three compartment sink still has a leak where the spout attaches to the faucet. Repair this connection to be water tight. 2) the internal components for the pressure vacuum breaker (installed on the water line to the chinese range for cooling and flushing away food debris) are not working properly any more--water flows out of the top of the unit when the water is turned on. Provide replacement vacuum breaker internal parts and have the unit tested to verify it works properly (a licensed plumber with a back-flow preventer certification must complete this job)

No chlorine test papers are available in the facility. Chlorine test papers must be used to verify the proper amount (50-200 ppm) chlorine in your sanitizing water. Purchase test papers as soon as possible

The chinese range, the drain channel for waste water and the spill trays are in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future

Observed the door gasket on the left end of the three door prep cooler to be not fully attached to the door and is held in place with some clear tape. Remove this tape and fully install the gasket into the groove on the door so it is held in place

Observed most of the shelves in the facility to be covered with white towels and a few others lined with cardboard. Please remove these towels and cardboard as they are not smooth and easily cleanable

Observed some recently washed kitchen pans to be stacked on a shelf prior to them fully air drying. Please allow these items to air dry prior to stacking them