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Health Report - 07/29/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The employee washing the dishes only had approximately 10 to 20 ppm chlorine in the sanitizer solution. Corrected by adding more chlorine to achieve 50 ppm

(Critical) Observed a moderate amount of small flies (fruit flies) in the facility. Provide necessary fly control (approved methods) to eliminate the flies

(Critical) An open container of inari had an expiration date of over a month ago (6-26-14). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) No paper towel was provided in the men's restroom. Corrected by providing some towels in the dispenser

(Critical) The employee washing the dishes at the end of the inspection did not use the available test kit to verify the chlorine concentration in the sanitizer water. Corrected by using the test kit

The interior of the two door upright cooler is in need of cleaning. Also three other refrigerators (the kitchen one door prep cooler, the front counter prep top unit and the sliding two door cooler in the storage room) are no longer in use, but are in need of cleaning

Observed a few locations where single use containers were stored upright. Corrected by inverting these containers

Observed two pails of uncooked rice stored on the floor in the store room. Corrected by placing them on the storage shelf

The floor sink, mop sink area, floor behind shelves and prep tables, etc. Are over-due for cleaning to remove debris and spilled food

The manager's food safety certification expired recently (6-6-14). Take necessary steps to become re-certified within 90 days

Health Report - 01/10/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No paper towel was provided in the entire facility. Corrected by the owner purchasing paper towels and installing them in the front and back kitchen and in the restrooms

(Critical) Containers with cooked asparagus and tofu were not provided with last day of use labeling. Corrected by properly labeling them as to when they were cooked/opened

(Critical) Observed house-made sauces in the one door prep cooler to have expired on jan. 9th. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Only an empty chlorine test paper dispenser was found in the kitchen dish washing area. The owner indicated he would go to purchase a replacement test kit today

(Critical) No soap was provided at the kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by relocating soap from another area of the kitchen to this hand washing sink

(Critical) Observed one kitchen employee not wash his hands when needed after activities prior to commencing work in the kitchen. Corrected by the employee washing his hands

Observed a low produce box with avocados stored in the kitchen floor upon arrival. Corrected by relocating this food container to a refrigerator. Ensure no foods/food containers are stored on the floor

Multiple boxes of single service items were observed on the dry goods storeroom floor. Elevate these items at least 6" off of the floor

Observed two open employee beverage containers on the counter in the kitchen. Provide cups with lids. An ash tray was found on the front counter upon my arrival, and a wooden box of cigars was found on a bottom shelf in the kitchen. Additionally, the office smelled of cigarette smoke. No smoking is allowed in the establishment.

The floors in the facility are over-due for cleaning. Maintaining the floors clean will prevent odors and the attraction of pests. Increase the frequency to maintain the floors clean

Observed a significant amount of pink slime growing around the base of the fixture at the counter and at the base of both of the water valves and the spout. Maintain your hand washing sink clean

The door track for the two sliding doors of the store room cooler are unclean. Remove this build-up

Health Report - 07/15/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Upon arrival, the small pump hand soap bottle was removed from the kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by returning the soap bottle to the hand sink

(Critical) Observed several aluminum rice cooking pots stored after cleaning with moist rice residue still on them. Corrected by re-washing these containers

Four square plastic food containers were observed on the back storage shelf with a lot of water still on them. Ensure these containers are fully air dried prior to stacking them in storage

Observed the wet mop head stored in the mop wringer. Please hang up the wet mop head above the mop sink after use to allow the mop head to dry faster

Health Report - 01/03/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No chlorine sanitizer test papers were available in the facility. Asap purchase and begin using these test papers to verify the chlorine concentration in you sanitizing solutions

(Critical) Observed the following rte, phfs in coolers without discard dates: two containers of salmon, one container of yellow tail and a container of cooked noodles. Date labels were provided for the yellow tail and noodles. The salmon was old 2-2. 5 days old and was removed from the facility

(Critical) Observed an employee only wash and rinse equipment at the three compartment sink. Sanitizing with an approved sanitizer (at the proper strength) is required after rinsing equipment and prior to air drying. Corrected by the employee providing chlorine sanitizer in the third basin of the dish washing sink and by sanitizing the equipment in question

Observed the wiping cloth storage pail solution to have little to no chlorine residual. Add chlorine to provide 50-200 ppm chlorine

Observed two damaged floor tiles in the back kitchen in front of one of the work stations. Provide replacement tiles to eliminate the depressions from the missing sections of tile

Observed the interior and exterior of the microwave oven to be very unclean. Also all of the refrigerator door handles had caked on food debris built-up on them. Thoroughly clean and sanitize these surfaces asap and maintain them clean on a daily basis

Observed the following areas to be filthy with dropped food: the front and back kitchen floors, the back kitchen lower prep table shelves, the dish washing area floor sink and mop sink, the front kitchen cabinets, etc. This entire facility needs a thorough deep cleaning to eliminate spilled food that has accumulated. You risk having a pest problem with this much food lingering in the facility. Clean these areas asap and maintain the facility clean on an on-going basis

Health Report - 01/20/2012 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Two spray cans of an unapproved insecticide were observed in the facility (the cans indicate this product are for home use only). Corrected by discarding one can and removing the other from the facility

(Critical) Observed some open drinking cups/mugs and a soup bowl stored on the back kitchen prep counters. All employee drinking cups of food bowls must be stored away from food or clean equipment and dirty customer dishes must be placed in a buss tub or on the dirty dish drain board at the dish washing sink. Corrected by placing these dishes in a buss tub

(Critical) Observed the sushi rice at the front counter prep area to not have a discard time provided. An employee indicated this rice was made 1/2 hour prior to my arrival. The employee provided a container label with the appropriate discard time

(Critical) Observed the interior surfaces of the ice making machine to have slime growth on it. After turning the unit off and discarding the ice thoroughly wash (with a small amount of soap), rinse and sanitize the food contact surfaces. Some pieces will need to be disassembled to gain access for all surfaces for cleaning. Consult your owners manual as needed

The sliding door refrigerator in the storage room has a damaged drip pan and is allowing condensation to drip onto packaged foods below. Repair this refrigerator as needed so your foods are protected

Observed a couple tubs for storing small equipment to be unclean on the bottom. Thoroughly clean these tubs now and more frequently in the future. Ensure all equipment is fully air dried prior to placing it in the tub for storage

Observed the back kitchen prep cooler to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. The temperature control dial was turned to a colder setting. Monitor this unit to ensure it holds food at 41f or below

The interior of the toaster oven is in need of cleaning

The floors in the back kitchen (under the prep cooler, prep table, and storage racks) as well as around the mop sink. These areas need frequent cleaning to eliminate a food source for pests

The drain line for the ice machine has slumped down slightly. Re-secure the drain line as needed to re-establish the air gap

Health Report - 08/01/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Upon arrival at 3:20 pm, the container of sushi rice had a time control label that expired at 2:30 pm. Corrected by discarding this rice

(Critical) Observed the deep metal food pan (1/3 size) and the sushi cutting knife at the front counter area to not be sanitized after cleaning. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing the knife and pan

Observed food in the top of the one door prep cooler to be slightly elevated. Excessive ice build-up was observed on the coil in the reach in portion of the unit. Defrost this unit tonight and monitor the air/food temperatures to ensure foods stay at 41f or colder

Many floor areas of the facility are over-due for cleaning, such as under the refrigeration/freezer equipment, prep counters, the front food prep area, and in the dry storage room

Observed no paper towels in the dispenser at the back kitchen hand washing sink. Corrected by providing paper towels at this station

The following equipment is in need of repair: the ice machine, and the one door prep cooler

Health Report - 01/07/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee not wash her hands after taking out the trash and sweeping the floor before handling clean equipment. Corrected by having the employee wash her hands at the hand washing sink

(Critical) No rte, phfs were observed in the coolers with date marks. Please review your risk control plan regarding this matter and remind/retrain staff as to what is required regarding date marking of foods

(Critical) Observed an employee only wash and rinse cutting boards, rice cooking pots, bowls, etc. Prior to placing these items on to a storage shelf. All dishes/equipment must be sanitized after washing and rinsing. Corrected by setting up the last basin of the three compartment sink with sanitizer at +/-75 ppm and placing these recently washed items in the sanitizer

(Critical) Observed raw seafood stored on the top shelf in the reach-in portion of the one door prep cooler in the back kitchen to be above ready to eat foods such as ginger, tofu, and cooked eel & asparagus. Ensure all staff are trained/reminded to keep all raw animal foods stored on the bottom shelf below all other rte foods (raw vegetables, and cooked vegetables & seafood)

(Critical) Upon arrival, the previously made sushi rice at the front counter prep station was not marked with a use-by time. Later in the inspection it was noticed staff placed a three hour use-by time (from 8:30 to 11:30 am) on the container without any prompting by me. After inquiring with another employee who made the rice it was determined the rice was done cooking at 4 am and was likely cooled to 135f at +/- 5 am. This rice would therefore, require a use-by time 9am. This rice was discarded at 10am during the inspection. Additionally, every day staff must provide use-by times for the sushi rice. Once the cooked rice is cooled below 135f you have four hours in which to make and use the entire quantity of sushi rice, and the container must be marked with a use-by time (not to exceed four hours)

Observed several wet wiping cloths stored on the counters and drain boards. Ensure your wet wiping cloths stored in a solution of sanitizer (50 to 200 ppm)

Observed an employee rinse off her hands in the three compartment sink. Only use one of the hand washing sink to clean hands

No chlorine sanitizer test papers are available in the facility. Obtain test papers asap to be able to verify sanitizer concentrations

The facility office, dry storage room and the back "kitchenette" are unorganized and have excessive items accumulated. Thoroughly sort out the unnecessary items from these areas and organize the remaining items

The drain line for the ice machine/bin unit was recently damaged during mopping/sweeping. The end of the drain pipe was repaired with tape, however, water is leaking out of this damaged pipe. Properly repair the drain line to eliminate the leak (be sure to provide the required air gap)

Additional staff training is needed to educate staff regarding food code requirements and supervision to ensure staff are actually following through with these requirements on a daily basis. Review the last several inspection reports and use them as a guide for training and for your own self-inspections on a regular basis

As in the past, this facility is greatly lacking in thorough and frequent cleaning of the kitchen and storage room areas. The walls, shelves below prep tables, the floor under equipment and prep tables, etc. The amount of spilled food in these areas is an attraction for pests. Ensure your facility is thoroughly cleaned daily to remove spilled foods

Observed a large bag of sugar stored on the floor in the storage room. All foods must be stored at least 6" above the floor

Observed all interior surfaces of the microwave oven to be splattered with food. Clean this oven daily

Observed the door handles on all of the cooler to have a lot of accumulated food debris on them. It is very important that these handles be wiped down regularly to remove this food accumulation and to prevent bacterial growth