Maiz Mexican Cantina

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4855 Washtenaw
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 10/31/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed fish on the top rack above ready to eat foods in the upright single door cooler in the kitchen and chicken, raw eggs above ready to eat foods in the walk in cooler. Raw animal/seafood product must be stored below and seperate from any ready to eat foods. Corrected by proper storage.

(Critical) Both pans of re-fried beans were not re-heated to 165*f or greater before stocking in the hot wells. I found the beans at 129*f after just placing in hot wells. Staff need to be keeping product in the oven long enough to get temp to 165*f and be using their thermometer to verify this. Corrected by further heating in oven to well above 165*f.

(Critical) You are missing all the 3 of the required test papers you need. You need qt-40 test papers for your quat sanitizer, chlorine test papers for the kitchen dishmachine and an iodine test kit for the glasswasher at the bar. Obtain all 3 and take picture and send to me within 2 weeks.

Provide a light shield for lights above the ice machine.

Your exhaust fan is not capturing the exhaust from the cooking equipment. Have serviced and repaired. Suggest having a smoke test performed.

Please clean the glass storage cooler more frequently.

Using crates to store things on in your kitchen and walk in cooler. Use approved racks with 6" of clearance to floor that are easily cleanable.

You need to be air drying all ware before stacking. Be sure you have enough racks to air dry kitchenware.

Please clean your exhaust hood filters more often.

Store pots/pans inverted.

You have water leaking from the roof at the bar. Have this repaired.

Store clean utensils in larger container that has a cover and with handles all in same direction.

It is time to start repairing the damaged floors and walls. Replace missing and crack floor and coving tiles and replace wall that are severely damaged(in mop closet and under prep sink in kitchen. ) have this done by next routine inspection(6 months). You also need to get a cover for the floor drain by the 3 comp sink.

Health Report - 04/25/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No paper towels stocked at the bar handsink. You need to mount a paper towel dispenser at this handsink and keep stocked. I will be back in 3 weeks to verify you have done this.

(Critical) You need to have a thermometer that is suitable for temping thin massed foods. Be sure thermometer has a tapered tip. Highly suggest getting rid of glass dial thermometers. I will be back to verify you have the new thermometers in 3 weeks.

(Critical) I observed utensils in storage drawers dirty, due to food debris falling into storage drawers. Drawers and utensils need to be kept clean. Also, the can opener blade was observed dirty. Staff need to run this through the dishtank after uses. Corrected by doing the above.

(Critical) I observed improper cooling methods of rice, cooked meats, salsa, chicken stock. The meats and rice need to be put onto sheet trays and cooled uncovered to below 41*f before storing in hotel pans and covering them. The liquid items need to be put into shallow hotel pans and then cooled in the walk in freezer until below 41*f and then you can put in 20 qt containers. Use your cooling charts and begin to monitor the cooling temps and times of all items that will be cooled. Save your charts and i will be back in 3 weeks to verify you have safe cooling methods being practiced.

(Critical) I found the walk in cooler holding product at 49*f. Must be holding 41*f or less. Staff stopped doing temp checks of the walk in on 4/4/13. Staff need to be taking temps of foods on all coolers at least 2 times a day, everyday! all potentially hazardous product that was in the walk in overnight was discarded. Foods delivered this morning were still below 41*f and were put into the walk in freezer. Unit is being looked at by tech as i type. Do not use until you verify the temp in walk in is below 41*f. I will be back to verify it is working properly.

I observed staff storing their knives in sanitizer buckets between uses. Discontinue this practice.

Obtain an approved cutting board holder. Get rid of the raw wood homemade unit.

Kitchen utensils are stored improperly in drawers. Store with the handles all on same direction.

You need to thoroughly clean and organize the mop closet. Repair leaks on plumbing so there is no standing water on the floor in there and hang up the mops. Get all stuff off the floor in there.

Replace the cracked and missing tile on the main cook line, around the 3 comp sink, and the far back area. Also, you need a drain cover on floor drain in front of 3 comp sink. Replace any damaged coving where floors meet walls.

Both prep coolers on the line have water inside the unit. Have units serviced, as water should not be draining inside the reach in coolers.

You need a speedrack cover to put on when you have trays of tortillas stocked in speedrack.