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Health Report - 02/17/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Facility utilizes bleach as a sanitizer. During the inspection observed no bleach available for use as a sanitizer. Pic corrected during inspection by providing bleach

(Critical) Observed the following plastic food storage containers with breaks and cracks: 1. 2-4 qt 2. 2-8 qt 3. 1/6 pan pic discarded the pans during the inspection. Item corrected

In the chicken display case observed an unshielded light bulb. Correct by replacing the bulb with a properly shielded bulb.

At the coke merchandiser cooler behind the front counter observed no ambient air thermometer. The cooler is used for phf items. Correct by proving a thermometer

Observed the following areas in need of repair: 1. Observed several water stained ceiling tiles. No water was observed leaking from the ceiling. Correct by investigating the source of the water staining and repairing. 2. Observed missing base cove at several locations in the facility. Correct by replacing the missing base cove

Health Report - 08/04/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the following pieces of equipment in need of repair: 1. Observed a missing door handle at the upright freezer in the front counter area. Correct by replacing the door handle 2. At the reach in portion of the prep top pizza make table observed torn door seals. Correct by replacing the door seals. Correct each item by repairing as indicated

At the coke merchandiser cabinet and the reach in portion of the pizza make cooler observed no ambient thermometer. Correct by installing an approved thermometer

Health Report - 01/16/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two metal stem food thermometers to be out of calibration by five to 10f. Corrected by re-calibrating

Three compartment sink: the drain outlet seal of the sanitizing basin is leaking severely. Repair/replace the seal and fitting to make it water tight

Observed a bare light bulb in the walk in cooler light fixture. Either install a shatter-proof coated light bulb or install the oem fixture cover

The drain line from the soda station is in need of cleaning (termination located in the base cabinet under the hot holding cabinet

Health Report - 08/01/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed some ham and cheese residue on many surfaces of the electric food slicer. This slicer was last used the previous day. Corrected by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing these surfaces

Observed the shatter-proof coating coming off one of the heat lamps in the chicken holding cabinet. Replace this bulb with a new one

Observed two wiping cloth pails with no chlorine sanitizer residual. Corrected by providing replacement sanitizer at 150-200 ppm chlorine

Observed the plastic knives, spoons and forks to be stored with the handles down in the dispensing container. Corrected by inverting these eating utensils so the handles are upright

Health Report - 01/17/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (17333) does not have any more information on it

This incident (39453) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 08/02/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the pizza slices in the hot holding box to be at 113 to 120f. Corrected by discarding this pizza and by adjusting the warmer to increase the temperature and humidity levels

Observed the ice scoop to be damaged. Provide a replacement scoop that is durable

Replace the light bulbs in the hot holding unit for chicken with ones that have a shatter-proof coating to protect your food/equipment should a bulb break

No thermometer was provided in the pizza prep cooler. Corrected by providing a thermometer in this unit

Provide a new test kit to verify the concentration of your quat sanitizer

Provide a full time (30 hours minimum per week) manager with a food safety certification

Observed a pair of tongs (previously used) resting on the counter for dispensing chicken, biscuits, etc. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing the tongs and placing them on a paper plate

Observed the pizza oven exhaust hood filters to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future to remove the dust and oil accumulation

Health Report - 01/30/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the quat sanitizer in the wiping cloth pails to be too weak. It appears the towels used this morning were not fresh ones. The towels contained excessive chlorine from a solution they were stored in and this was interfering with the quat sanitizer. Corrected by rinsing the towels out and providing a fresh solution of quat sanitizer

Observed the lights in the chicken warmer to not have a shatter-proof coating. Replace these bulbs with ones that are shatter-proof

Observed the ice machine scoop to be resting directly on the top of the ice making machine. Please provide a clean container to store the scoop in for protection. The ice scoop and the container will need regular cleaning

Observed no paper towel in the bathroom dispenser, nor in the back kitchen dish washing area hand sink. Corrected by providing roll paper towel until their cintas delivery comes in today

The mixer gear head is still leaking some oil. Repair as needed to eliminate the leaking oil

Health Report - 08/03/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a container of raw, in-shell eggs to be stored on the top shelf of the true one door cooler above other ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating these eggs to a shelf below all ready to eat foods and above raw chicken and beef

Observed the test papers for chlorine to be discolored and too old to provide an accurate reading. Purchase a replacement chlorine test kit

Observed wiping towels stored in two separate buckets with too little chlorine. Corrected by providing fresh sanitizer at the proper strength

The leak in the front corner ceiling of the dining area (adjacent to the front door) is still present. Repair the roof as needed to eliminate the leak

Observed 1) cardboard being used as a shelf liner on a shelving unit in the back dry storage room. Eliminate this cardboard as it cannot be clean and absorbs moisture. 2) observed a cloth towel being used under the pizza cutting tool. Discontinue the use of a towel for this purpose and substitute a washable pan, disposable aluminum foil or deli paper

Again an oil droplet was observed on the underside of the floor mixer head. Repair as needed to eliminate the oil leak

Observed the plastic knives and spoons to be stored jumbled in the dispensing tray behind the front counter. Have an employee with clean hands organize these utensils so the handles are all extended in the same direction

Health Report - 02/01/2011 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple portioned side dish items (cole slaw (made jan. 23) and pork & beans (made jan. 23)) in a one door upright cooler, and a container with one hard boiled egg (made jan. 25) in the reach-in portion of the prep cooler that expired one to three days ago. Corrected by discarding these items

(Critical) Observed chicken wings stored in a hot holding unit to be at 112 to 135f. Corrected by reheating to above 165f prior to returning them to the hot holding unit

(Critical) Observed the quaternary ammonia sanitizer to be too weak in the sanitizer basin of the three compartment sink. Corrected by adding another quat tablet to the solution to provide 200 ppm. Utilize the provided test papers to verify proper sanitizer strength

Observed the coating on several of the heat lamps for the chicken display unit to be peeling. Replace the bulbs with a damaged coating. Also, the light bulb for the pepsi cooler is not shielded or coated to prevent bulb breakage

Have someone look at the pizza merchandiser's thermostat/temperature control dial to adjust or replace it as needed so the unit can maintain a higher air temperature (+/-150/155f)

A droplet of oil is again present on the underside of the hobart mixer head. Repair as needed to eliminate this leak so food in the mixing bowl does not become contaminated with mixer gear oil

Observed all of the exhaust hood filters (for pizza oven and the cooking equipment line) to be over-due for cleaning. Also, the exhaust hood canopy above the cook line has oil accumulation on most surfaces. Clean these areas now and more frequently in the future to reduce the risk of a fire

A water leak is present at the connection of the rigid water line to the flexible overhead spray hose. Repair to eliminate this leak

The two light bulbs in the exhaust hood at the cook line are not operational. Provide replacement light bulbs

No chlorine test papers could be located by the employee working during the inspection. Provide chlorine test papers so staff can verify the chlorine sanitizer strength