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Health Report - 08/06/2009 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Potentially hazardous ready to eat foods are not being datemarked. All potentially hazardous ready to eat foods are required to be datemarked with a maximum expiration date of 7 days including the day the food is prepared or package is opened. Correct by datemarking all rte , ph foods including cut tomatoes, prepared foods, tuna salad, tsizki sauce, etc. Set up sop for datemarking by follow up inspection appointment.

(Critical) At onset of inspection employees were on the line not using gloves. Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods wasa observed when doing assemby and plating. Use gloves after proper handwashing to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. Corrected by discussion and employees using gloves.

(Critical) Numerous flies observed in the kitchen at time of inspection due to doors ajar from lack of air conditioning. Ambient air in facility is 80 degrees plus almost 90 plus if doors are kept closed. After the air conditioning is repaired/replaced keep doors closed to minimize access for insects. Ok to keep doors open until air temperature is acceptable.

(Critical) Employees observed drinking from open cups. Use cups with lids and straws to minimize hand to mouth contact. Corrected by discussion and removal of open cups. Sipper cups may be used also.

(Critical) The prep unit was found to be holding assorted ph foods at 44 - 47 degrees f. Ph foods must be maintained at 41 degrees f or below. Corrected by discarding foods and placing into cooler capable of holding at 41 degrees f or below. Unit was adjusted at time of inspection. Once temperature is lowered it is ok to restock unit.

(Critical) Non dairy creamer that requires refrigeration found sitting out at room temperature on all tables. Temped at 80 degrees f. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41 degrees f. Corrected by discarding foods.

(Critical) Assorted ph foods including potatoes and sausage gravy found improperly cooling in prep area and tub of potatoes already placed into refrigerator earlier in the day. Potatoes were at 71 (in refrigerated tub in center) to 84 dgrees f on the prep table, after 3 hours. Gravy was still hot above 135 degrees f sitting covered on prep table awaiting to go into the cooler. See cooling methods. Potentially hazardous foods must cool rapidly through the temperature danger zone from 135 degrees f to 70 degrees f in 2 hours and from 70 to 41 degrees f in an additional 4 hours. Methods such as ice bath, shallow pans, using freezer and or stir sticks in any combination can be used to expedite the cooling process. Corrected by relocating foods to shallow pans and placing into freezer to expedite cooling. Once reaches 41 degrees f ok to remove food and place into cooler.

(Critical) Eggss in the upright and display cooler in rear found stored with and above ready to eat foods. Eggs found stored next to creamers and other rte foods. Store raw foods so that they are not above or in close proximity to foods that are ready to eat. Corrected by reorganizing one cooler at time of inspection and putting all raw foods including eggs on bottom shelf. Other cooler to be reorganized after lunch rush.

The prep unit was not holding ph foods at proper temperature. Unit was adjusted at time of inspection. If not able to hold ph foods at 41 degrees f or below call for repair of unit. Until unit is capable of holding food at 41 degrees f or below, the unit may not be allowed to hold ph foods.

Thermometer for the small cooler at the wait station is inaccurate and the thermoemter for the display cooler in the back is not available or missing. Provide thermometers for these units in order to be able to properly monitor the temperatures for these units.

The upright two door freezer is not holding foods frozen solid. Air temperature of 25 degrees f. Call for repair of unit in order to keep all ph foods frozen solid. Foods are starting to get soft and thaw out.

Improper cooling techniques. Ph foods were found being placed into deep containers and or tubs covered and placed into coolers. This will not allow for proper cooling of ph foods from 135 to 70 in 2 hours and 70 to 41 in an additional 4 hours. Use shallow tubs no deeper than 2" and ice baths, freezers if space available and stir sticks frozen for liquid foods such as soups , gravies and etc. Corrected by relocating foods to shallow containers and using freezer at time of inspection. By end of inspection potatoes were 63-66 degrees f and the gravy which started at 150 degrees f was at 99 degrees f.

Light bulb in the upright freezer is not plastic coated or shielded. Replace with a plastic coated bulb in order to minmize potential for glass fragments to get onto foods if bulb should shatter.

Manufacturer's containers are being reused once emptied for the storage of other foods. This is prohibited. Discontinue this practice immediately. Provide reusable food grade approved storage containers.

The upright freezer in the kitchen is not holding foods at proper temperature. Call for repair of unit so that foods are maintained frozen solid.