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Health Report - 10/26/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Excessive ice build up on the door of the freezer. Repair to reduce temperature differential between the walk in freezer and the walk in cooler to minimize potential for ice build up.

The faucet at the bar 3c sink is very loose. Repair or replace

Paper towels missing throughout the facility. Provide paper towels for proper hand drying.

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning: fryer cabinets, hood filters on the pizza oven, gaskets on the 2 door cooler doors, hood canopy. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 04/27/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Datemarking was not in effect at time of inspection. Although policy is in place, mgr, indicates that they are out of day stickers and therefore food is unmarked. Replace stickers so that the food can be properly marked with maximum 7 days to consume or discard.

(Critical) Assorted open cups found in the facility on the line. Drinking from an open cup is prohibited. Use a cup with a sipper lid or a cup with a lid and straw to minimize hand to mouth contact. Provide these types of cups for employees to use during food prep.

(Critical) The top section of the prep unit in the kitchen was holding assorted potentially hazardous foods at 46 degrees f. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41 degrees f or below. Corrected by relocating foods to bottom of unit which was maintaining 41 degrees f or below and consuming within 6 hours of removal from temperature control. The top rails is turned off to prevent freezing. Discontinue this practice as food temperatures may elevate. Repair unit if necessary but do not turn off and on.

(Critical) The tags for the fresh shell mussels and clams. They remain on the bag but are discarded and not being kept for 90 days after product is consumed/removed from original bag. Implement a shellstock tag retention policy that is compliant with the above

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning. The non food contact surfaces of the ice machine, the top of the pizza oven, the gaskets on the reach in cooler doors, the fry cabinet ledge. , the interior of the freezer and the interior of the prep units. The interior of the beer cooler at the bar has water build up. (may be a plugged drain. )clean now and place on a mroe frequent cleaning schedule.

The clamp for the drainlines from the ice machine have fallen down into the receiving sewer receptacle. Reclamp to provide adequate air gap above the top rim of the receiving sewer line. Correct by reclamping the drainlines and securing to leg of unit or other suitable permanent fixture so that they don't fall again. ,

The floors at the floor wall junctures and under the equipment need cleaning. Clean now and place oa mroe frequent cleaning schedule.

Clean utensils found in a cardboard box on the prep counter. Cardboard boxes are prohibited for this pupose. Provide a cleanable smooth surface that is not absorbent for utensil storage.

The bulk flour bin next to the prep table is missing a lid. Lid is on order. Cover flour temporarily until lid arrives to minimize potential for contamination of the bulk flour.

The top rail of the prep unit is not maintaining ph foods at proper temperature. Ph foods assorted were temped at 46 degrees f. At end of inspection non ph foods on the rail were temped at 48 - 53 degrees f. The top section of this unit is ordered out of service for the storage of ph foods until unit is repaired and capable of holding ph foods at 41 degrees f or below. Corrected by removing all foods from the bottom rail and placing into the bottom of the unit which is holding proper temperature. Call for repair of unit.

Soap is missing from the rear dispenser for the handsink. Provide soap for proper handwashing at this handsink

The rear door was ajar at the time of the inspection. Provide a screen door for additional ventilation and to minimize access for insects are rodents when door is ajar.

Health Report - 10/25/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed back door with closer propped open with concrete block. Should allow door to self close to protect outer openings

Provide repairs to walk-in freezer as needed for proper door seal

Observed cased products located in the basement. Should provide additional storage racks to provide access to clean floor under stored items

This incident (16915) does not have any more information on it

Observed employee restroom with an open ceiling panel. Should reset panel at rest room ceiling for proper enclosure

This incident (39299) does not have any more information on it